Which American Has Most Changed the World?

Week of September 15, 2004

Michael Drake

"Cecil B. DeMille, the director and film producer who created some of America's most extraordinary exports to the world from Birth of a Nation to The Ten Commandments. He laid the groundwork for the whole Hollywood culture which the rest of the world has both imitated and reviled, a culture that describes America at its most decadent and its most hopeful."

Dr. Zombie
Resident Psychiatrist, Washington University School of Medicine

"That would be Thomas Edison, for sure. At a time when the world was large and didn't know much about itself this guy invented some cool shit that brought the world together."

Jen Griggs
Cabinet Maker -- Structural Arts

"Michael Jackson. He's such a twisted little character and he's become an international joke as our entertainment emissary, our 'King of Pop.'"

Z. I. Mamun
Special Correspondent, ATN Bangla Television -- Bangladesh

"In the present day it is definitely Bill Gates. Every one who has a computer whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas -- anywhere in this world -- has some sort of connection with Bill Gates. So, I think nowadays Bill Gates has the most influence on this planet."

Taron Caine
Automated Systems Consultant

"Alfred E. Newman. His famous 'What, me worry?' attitude epitomizes American laid-backness at its best and Alfred, I think, is probably a national icon even though, uncannilly, he's practically a dead-ringer for George W. Bush. But, you see, Alfred E. Newman could not be the anti-Christ whereas George Bush possibly could be."

Jenna Bauer
Artist -- Educator

"Aren't there places in the world that America can't change?"

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