Which Commercial Makes You Change the Channel?

Week of May 12, 2004

Sara Bakowski
Bartender, Nick's Pub
"One is the Shane Company -- the diamond guy. I don't like how he says, 'Now you have a friend in the diamond business.' I don't know him, and he's not my friend. Another is Jeannie from the Instant Credit Auto Mart commercial: 'Hi, this is Jeannie.' Only dogs can hear that squeaky little voice. Can't wait to switch that one."

Frankie Terry
Barista, Triple Xpresso's Coffeehouse
"I don't like the ones that show nudity or close to it, the tanning commercials or the ones for the adult stores -- V.I.P. or Johnny O's -- especially when there's a guy in the room, because it gets awkward, very awkward. Guys in Speedos and girls in string bikinis -- it's just stupid! No, I don't consider myself a prude, but some things just don't belong on television."

Paula May
Busch Stadium Ticket Scalper
"Carol House Furniture with Brook and Amy Dubman. There's no brother and sister team who're that happy. I'm tired of Brook going away to Dallas and Amy having her sale. They're just a little too gay for me -- not that there's anything wrong with that."

Kirsten Pena
Server, Felix's
"Becky, Queen of Carpet, when she's on her flying carpet over the Arch. There's just something about her in that tutu and tiara; it kind of turns my stomach. I think it reminds me of my old baby-sitter who was overweight and always made me eat crappy food."

Debbie Gregory
Records Coordinator/Wannabe Cosmologist,
St. Louis Science Center

"The commercial with the little, bald, dancing guy acting like the Pied Piper trying to lure people out to Six Flags. It's the manic music and the dancing around; I'm very turned off by it, and I don't see how it fits in with Six Flags, unless it means nerds can have as much fun as anyone else. He certainly wouldn't get me to follow him."

Kevin Matson
Evolutionary Biologist/Ornithologist
"As far as a TV commercial I'd have to say the Subway campaign, which seems to say that if you eat the low-fat, low-carb fare at Subway you're 'good,' so in the rest of your life you can do immoral things like cheating on exams or cheating on spouses. That's pretty much the message: 'Be virtuous by eating at Subway, and then you can be a bastard on the outside.' If only it was so easy."

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