Which Group, Club or Society Really Annoys You?

Week of September 1, 2004

Sep 1, 2004 at 4:00 am
Zach Phillips
Bartender, Jimmy and Andy's
"Trekkies. I don't think they actually know how ridiculous they look with the Spock ears and the silly stage makeup. There was even a documentary movie [Trekkies] about them -- dumbest movie I've ever seen."

Alex Hommel
Owner, Little Austria (Women's Clothing)
"Greenpeace. It's good that somebody is taking on the world's environmental problems, but sometimes they just really push it too far. In Europe they're way over the top. In Austria there is a street that needs to be built, because the existing road causes lots of accidents, and they cannot build it because Greenpeace is saying there's a frog there that needs to be protected. For God's sake, take the stupid frog and put him somewhere else!"

Scott "Cheese" Bokal
Referee, Pro Ice Hockey
"The pessimists really annoy me, because my glass is always half-full."

Sheila McGrath
Pediatric Nurse, SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
"I'd say the healthcare insurance companies, because their rates go up yet they refuse to cover certain things. For example, a doctor writes a prescription for a certain medication, and they refuse to cover it so that they can go for a cheaper drug. Why should they govern? I feel that it's important that families trust in their physicians, and the docs should be the ones to make that call."

Darryl Reese
Cook, The Pasta House Co. (Laclede Avenue)
"Jehovah's Witnesses, because instead of letting you make a choice about the religion you like, they try to persuade you to join their religion, and they do it by knocking on your door at odd times, and then when you show up in nothing but your underpants they laugh at you."

Linda Laski
Desktop Publisher
"Well, cat lovers are annoying. They have the 'I love cats' sweatshirts. They don't have one cat; they have ten cats. And the pictures of their kitties on their desktop, at work! They're cutesy and furry, but they have that glow in their eyes like they're devil cats because their eyes absorb the flash. I talk to cats, I pet them, I'm friends with cats, but I don't have one. They're surely not meant to be obsessed over, like they're children."

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to Dave Glover of the Dave Glover Show (97.1 FM) for this week's question.