Which of Your Character Flaws Are You Least Likely to Change? Part 1 of 2

Week of January 3, 2001

Tali Light
Manager, Kaldi's Coffee House & Market Bakery

"Being on time, 'cause no matter how many times I try to be punctual, it never happens. I must've been born late, and for the rest of my life it's a constant effort to catch up. My goal is to be on time for my wedding this spring."

Dean Neumann
Computer Programmer

"What do you call it when you know you could do a lot better but you're satisfied with where you're at? Complacency -- yeah, I'm complacent. I'm slow to change even when I know I could improve my situation ... except with chicks."

Jen Turek
Graphic Designer, Laffey Group

"My smart-aleckness. I'll never give that up. It's the most fun of all my flaws. I was picked on in grade school. My nickname was Turkey. It hurt my feelings, so instead of letting it get to me I started with the smartass comebacks. Sometimes people don't get me, and other times it's, like, "Did I say that?'"

Charles Gottschalk

"I'm frugal to an extreme. Down at the bar, I don't tip, so they call me Jack Benny. But my mother instilled that in me: Make use of everything, make your dollars stretch. Rose Kennedy, the mother of all them Kennedys, she went around the White House turning off the lights. Well, I do that, too. I might splurge if I ever won the lottery, but most likely I'd still be tight."

Ed Mehler
Graphic Designer, Park Avenue Group

"My anal-retentiveness. It's a product of my German Lutheran upbringing. I learned early on that if you did something right the first time, it didn't have to be done over and over. It borders on compulsion. I can't leave the house without checking the gas burners on the stove -- not just looking at them but testing each one, click-click-click, until I can finally say with utter certainty, "OK, the stove is off.'"

Kelly Steinman
Codicil Writer, Last Will and Testament Department, Barclay's Bank

"Oh, I would never change my lewd sense of humor. It throws people off because of my sweet, innocent look."

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