Which of Your Organs Do You Think Is in the Most Trouble?

Week of November 14, 2001

Shilpi Pradhan
Medical Student, Washington University
"My eyes. After looking microscopically and trying to differentiate caseating necroses from fungus balls and former tubercles, you get cross-eyed from trying to tell one shade of purple stain from another."

Chuck Roast
Pawnbroker, Maplewood Pawn
"The 'taint.' There's the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain, but what's in the middle? Taint right, taint left. But it's there. What's it do? That's always puzzled me. Maybe it's the part that brings on grief and trouble in your life ... I must have a big taint."

Ron Youngman
Retired Teacher
"For me, right now, it's the heart -- nothing that a doctor could find, just that it's a bit heavy these days. When you lose a loved one, it takes time, but I believe the old heart will recover -- just rub it with a little sunshine of all the fun things we did. You can't bring someone back, but you can call up the memories of the times, the smiles, the laughter, the gifts that each person brings to life."

Lora Tripp
Patient-Transport Driver
"My lungs. I drive a diesel van, so with all the fumes from the automobiles, buses, trucks and my own vehicle, I'm breathing in a ton of garbage. Well, I'm smoking, too, and that doesn't help. It's up to me to quit, I know, but, meantime, my lungs need a break. A trip to the country would be wonderful -- good, clean fresh air!"

Austin Zimmerman
Lead Zither, Flaming Maggots
"My liver -- tell you that right now. It's been giving me signals, 'specially in the morning. I can hear it talking, telling me to stop the abuse."

Val Montalvo
Medical Student, Washington University
"I'll say my ovaries. They're firing away, and yet there's no chance of any reproductive activity going on, because I work long hours and don't get to meet anybody. There's only so many ovulations, and time is ticking away. It's like my ovaries are an endangered species."

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