Which Public Figure Are You Most Concerned About? (Part 1 of 2)

Week of March 3, 2004

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Sidney Wong
Student, Washington University/Tea Tender, Cha Yoon
"Martha Stewart, a very successful lady who's built her own business, and right now she's in trouble for insider trading, and, yes, I am worried she might go to jail. But even if she doesn't go to jail, this thing has -- I wouldn't say 'ruined' -- but it's obviously harmed her reputation. Maybe because I'm a woman and a finance major I sort of relate to her, but I feel if she gets jail time that would be really bad."

Lamar Ward
Maintenance Worker, Personalized Property Management
"I'm concerned that this former pro football player, Demetrius Johnson, is overreacting to a situation. His daughter was on a school bus, and there was a white kid singing songs that the bus driver found offensive, and the white kid got suspended for a week. Which was okay, but Johnson took it as a racist thing, so he formed a group and took it to the school board. To me, it wasn't a racist act, because every time kids listen to the radio, they hear the n-word, and if you're a little kid, you don't know better; you just repeat it the way you heard it."

Rob Lyons
Owner, Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar
"I'm losing sleep worrying about George Steinbrenner. He is the welfare state for professional baseball players, and if he dies, who's gonna pay all those astronomical salaries, and where will Pujols play, eventually, when we can't afford him any longer? Steinbrenner needs to stick around to make sure that baseball players have a place to live."

Mary T. Sinnett
Stylist, Strands
"I'm most concerned about Michael Jackson right now, with his little trial and all -- worried and confused. I'm a fan of him as an entertainer, but on a personal level it's kind of , ah, icky. In '93, when the first incident came out, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but now with more things coming out, I don't even want to think about what'd happen if he went to prison. He's so frail and delicate, they'd have to have a special cell like just for him and keep him away from the other prisoners because he would get really harassed. So I worry because of that."

Elvis "Stinkeye" Kennedy
Guitar/Backup Vocals, The Dead Celebrities
"Actually, I'm concerned with Jason Hutto, singer for the Phonocaptors. He really likes to eat raw chicken, and with all the scary diseases those chickens carry, that's just plain crazy. I try telling him, 'Jason, don't be a culinary daredevil, stop eating that raw chicken!' But he doesn't listen. He says he likes to live dangerously, and I'm like, 'Dude, there's way more other ways you can do that -- go get a whore off Washington Street, play hopscotch on Highway 40, just stop eating that sushi chicken!'"

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