Which Slogan or Catchphrase Annoys You to the Point of Nausea?

Week of December 4, 2002

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Jess Dewes
Greeting-Card Designer
"'Open every day but the "Lard's Day"' -- Goedeker's Superstore. That slogan keeps me out of there. I don't want to run into any more people who talk like that!"

Mark Stang
Baseball Writer
"Two years ago, it was 'Don't go there.' Now it's that cellular company's mantra -- 'Can you hear me now?' It's annoying, and it's not so much the phrase itself but the way those commercials are on every ten minutes on every channel."

Jenny Blumenthal
Supermarket Cashier
"'Hi, how are you?' After the twenty millionth time of hearing it throughout the day, it's, like, 'Agghhh!' And the thing is, it's just something to say. They're not sincere."

Donald White
Hand Model
"The one that bothers me most: 'You know what I'm sayin'?' People telling you a story, they go on and on, and every other sentence, it's, 'You know what I'm sayin'?' Then they go on some more: 'You know what I'm sayin'?' It's monotonous, man, and not very stimulating."

Eric Schmidt
Counter Guy, Dogtown Liquors
"I'd say, 'Can you hear me now?' The Verizon Wireless guy. That's definitely got to go. On the Internet they have a game, like Whack-a-Mole at Six Flags, where you smack the guy on the head. But I'm tired of hearing it. I even hear it from people I'm talking to on cell phones who say it as a joke: 'Can you hear me now?' Yeah, I can hear you. Now go away!"

Emily Rosenfeld
Jewelry Designer
"'Weapons of mass destruction.' It's manipulative, how the current administration is taking something that is to be feared and using it to push policies which really go against basic American values of having civil liberties."

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