Which Song Lyrics Do You Most Relate To?

Week of January 2, 2002

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David Gebben
Rub-Board Player, Geyer Street Sheiks
"'On the Big Rock Candy Mountain/the cops have wooden legs/and the bulldogs all have rubber teeth/and the hens lay soft-boiled eggs ...' That's my lyric, absolutely! It's a big dream, is what it is. A hobo's dream. I want that played at my funeral."

George Rothenbuescher
Upwardly Mobile Crisis Counselor
"The theme song from The Jeffersons: 'Movin' on up to the East Side/to a dee-lux apartment in the sky.' I relate to it because I'm trying to better myself and get to the East Side."

Hannah Schulten
Cook/Server, MoKaBe's Coffee House
"A song by Ani DiFranco. The line is: 'When I look down I miss everything/and when I look up I just trip over things.' That pretty much describes me, because I always have at least five things going at once. I'm like that -- that's how I am."

Gary Hunt
Instrumentalist, Rockhouse Ramblers, Liquid Prairie
"For me, it's "Travelin' This Lonesome Road" by Bill Monroe -- 1949, probably the first rock & roll country song. It goes, in part: 'I'm travelin' down that lonesome road/Oh, how I hate to go ... ' I relate because sometimes you got to be somewhere and you just don't want to go, but you have to. It's responsibility. People count on you."

"Whisperin'" Tom Hall
Musician Roustabout
"Mississippi John Hurt: 'My wife controls my happy home/My sweetheart I can't find/Only thing I can call my own/is a worried and troubled mind.' He wrote that 70 years ago, and it still rings true."

Adam Fleming
Designer, Graphic Armory
"Not just me, but I think everyone relates to this one: 'Sometimes I wanna kill/Sometimes I wanna die/Sometimes I wanna destroy/Sometimes I wanna cry/Sometimes I could get even/Sometimes I could give up/Sometimes I could give/Sometimes I don't give a fuck.' And that is by Guns n' Roses."

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