Which St. Louisan Should Be the Next Pope?

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The current leaders of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary. - image via
image via
The current leaders of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary.

3. Rose Mary Dowling Dowling is the head of the Franciscan Sisters of Mercy, an order of nuns who arrived in St. Louis in 1872 with the mission of fighting for social justice and protecting the rights of women -- and the women themselves; the order has established several shelters in the city for homeless and battered females. This year, the sisters were named Best Geezer(s) by Riverfront Times for their work.

We're aware that Dowling's election to the papacy is something of a long shot. For one thing, there's never officially been a female pope, despite the enduring tale of Pope Joan, alias Pope John VIII, who allegedly reigned during the thirteenth century before she was exposed as female by giving birth during a processional.

Also, to become Pope, we assume you'd have to be popular with members of the College of Cardinals, who do the electing. Since the Vatican brass last year accused the Leadership Council of Women Religious, which represents the majority of American nuns, of "radical feminism," it's unlikely they would choose an American nun to lead them. Still, can you imagine the changes in the Church if a woman were in charge? Not just any woman, mind you, but a radical feminist? Liberal young people would have to come up with all sorts of new reasons for refusing to support the Church.

Majerus at work. - Jennifer Silverberg
Jennifer Silverberg
Majerus at work.

2. Rick Majerus Yes, we know, the former SLU basketball coach is with us no more. But what a Pope he would have made! Coaching is all about strategy and motivation and leadership -- which is the main job of the Pope. Plus, Majerus, with his fondness for Italian food, would have loved getting to work in Italy. See also: -Rick's Picks: Six of Coach Majerus' Favorite St. Louis Eateries

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