Which Superstitions Do You Follow?

Feb 23, 2000 at 4:00 am
Narthana Premachandra
Bookseller, Borders Books & Music

"Well, I kind of feel that Thursday is a lucky day. My family is from India, and it's in the astrology that Thursday is considered a lucky day because it's ruled by the planet Jupiter, and even though I know not to take it too seriously, I've had some nice things happen on Thursday."

Andrea Crump
Assistant Manager, Chesterfield Cleaners

"I see a black cat, I think it's good luck. I walk under a ladder, no problem. Open an umbrella in the house, no problem. But breaking a mirror, I think that's bad luck, especially if you cut your finger trying to clean it up. Luck is like a pendulum. If you wish bad luck on others, it comes on you, and if you wish good to other people, then good comes your way. It's that karma thing."

Halisi Lester
Editor, Sporting News

"I hate odd numbers, so if I do something, it has to be in even numbers. If somebody offers me candy, I can't take one or three; it has to be two or four. I count steps, too -- like, my parents' house has 21 steps, so I skip one, make it 20. I'm just a very routine-oriented person, and if the routine gets broken, I feel like that's bad luck."

Becky Lynn Gorrell
Receptionist, Façade Ltd.

"I never do anything in even numbers. I always do odd numbers -- like chips: I never eat just two; I always eat three or five. I don't know why. And I'll never pick up any change that's lying tails-up. That's bad luck. There's been a tails-up quarter in the bathroom since we moved in. I won't pick it up, and we've been there nine months. Honestly, I really don't know why I'm like that."

Joseph Winchester
Manager, Coffee with the Stars Coffeehouse

"Bad luck happens because you don't pay attention to what you're doing, like "shit happens' when you let it. My superstitions involve mostly Celtic beliefs -- like, I never walk through spider webs, and I never kick in holes because that's where fairies live. I won't ever curse a dead man in his own house ... well, yeah, that opportunity does come up -- you'd be surprised. I definitely believe it's good luck to wear nothing under my kilt. The women like that."

Kathy Grillo
Data-Entry Operator, St. Louis Art Museum

"Well, I knock on wood, and I read my horoscope once a week and I believe it if it's something I want to hear, though most of it sounds so cryptic, like old Cold War spy codes. Oh, and I do this one really stupid thing: I never bad-mouth my car when I'm in it -- don't want it breaking down on me in retaliation."