Which Two St. Louisans Would You Like to See Locked in a Room Together?

Week of February 6, 2002

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James Mulligan
Pipefitter, Local 562
"Freeman Bosley Jr. and Gordon Baum, president of the Conservative Citizens Council -- the ones who do the marches to support the Confederate flags. Gordon's about as right-wing as it comes, and Bosley -- he's the Don King of mayors. It'd be like putting the Rev. Al Sharpton and David Duke in a room together. Picture that."

Jeff Dunlap
President, Powerline Public Relations
"Mayor Francis Slay and County Executive Buzz Westfall -- if the topic is municipal-government consolidation. On Venus and Mars, it might be fun to see Georgia Frontiere, a competitive businesswoman, and Archbishop Justin Rigali, a celibate priest, discuss the meaning of life."

Lois Worth
Christian Musician
"Clark Terry and me, so I could get a trumpet lesson from one of the great jazz players in the world."

Carl Fuson
Kitchen Help, Robbie's Shrimp and Barbeque
"Larry Rice and Dieta Pepsi -- she's a drag queen around town. Rev. Larry would start preachin' to her, and she wouldn't have it. Dieta's pretty saucy. She'd end up moppin' the floor with him."

Chuck Hart
Creative Director, Maring, Kanefield & Weissman
"The City Museum's Bob Cassilly and anyone from Civic Progress -- Cassilly because he's such an iconoclast and risk-taker, and the power brokers in this city have an aversion to creative risk-takers. I'd like to see them locked in that room until Cassilly knocks some out-of-the-box thinking into Mr. Civic Progress and his cohorts."

John Benz
Benz Construction Services
"That's easy! J.C. Corcoran and Anne Keefe -- locked up in a cage match, or until they both get laryngitis."

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