Who Are You on TV?

Jan 5, 2000 at 4:00 am
Laura Sankey
Claims Analyst, General American Insurance

"I'm thinking Martha Stewart -- I'm kind of crafty like that. "It's a good thing' -- that's her line. I like that. You can say that about anything -- "The Rams: It's a good thing.' And Martha's so misunderstood by everybody. I think she's a wild one -- uptight during the day, maybe, but at night she is an animal, a party queen; she can throw down. The morning after, she's got to be at her best."

Brad Petrovic
Ouija-Board Repairman to the Stars

"The guy on Cops with his face blurred out. You know, the guy who is probably an accessory but for some reason they are letting him go while his friend is being arrested. And the whole time I'm in the background, saying, "Hey, Matt, calm down. I'll have you out in 15 minutes.'"

Rachel Roland
Server, Norb Andy's, Springfield, Ill.

"Sometimes I think that Rachel on Friends and I are alter egos: Our names are the same; we're both part-time waitresses; plus, Rachel on the show normally has a hard time finding good guys, and I've had my share of nightmare relationships."

Kevin Jackson
Waiter/Valet, Seven Gables Inn

"What pops in my mind is one of the Rugrats -- probably Tommy, because I'm just a big kid, full of games, full of pranks and very animated around my daughters. People around me know there'll always be something about to go off any minute."

Mary Lenihan
Owner, BodyMind in Motion

"When I was little I used to be Marsha Brady, but now I'm not sure ... well, I know who I am on MTV, or VH1, whatever -- Paula Cole. People come up and say, "Do you know how much you look like Paula Cole?' And it's true! Saw her on the Grammy Awards, and I thought, "There's my clone,' and now I need to find out if she needs a dancer in her videos."

Win Anderson
Student, Truman State University

"You know those loud, obnoxious, half-naked, body-painted football fans you see in the stands screaming their heads off in the subzero temperatures -- their team sucks but it doesn't matter, they're out there anyway? That's me."