Who is Ass Clown of the Week? March 26 - April 2

Apr 2, 2010 at 9:05 am
A full moon always brings out the Ass Clowns.
A full moon always brings out the Ass Clowns.
Did you notice it was a full moon earlier this week? How else to explain the bumper crop of Ass Clowns making headlines over the past seven days?

You know the rules, vote for the newsmaker whose actions or admissions this week you find to be the most despicable.

And the nominees...

1. James Grady: The pedophile priest from St. Raphael's in south St. Louis who pleaded guilty this week to possession of child pornography and was punished by having his Toyota Camry taken away.

2. Melissa Barnett: The latest Alton bartender arrested for exposing herself to patrons.

3. Glenn Miller: The former KKK leader and U.S. Senate hopeful who's airing anti-Semitic campaign ads across Missouri.

4. Andrew Ringeisen: The Overland cop who pushed police wannabe Ken Hamilton down a (rather short) staircase and then left him there. Hamilton died days later from head trauma.

5. Antonio McWherter: The East St. Louis cop who admitted this week to punching a handcuffed crime suspect in the face during an arrest in 2006 causing the man to lose teeth.

6. Melvin Moore: The St. Peter's pimp sentenced to prison this week for prostituting a 16-year-old runaway that he called his "Queen Bee."

7. Emmitt "Hoggy" Gordon Jr.: The East St. Louis man charged this week with firing the bullet that traveled three blocks and struck a three-year-old boy in the face
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