Who is Daily RFT's "Ass Clown" of the Week? March 1-5?

Mar 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm
You know what they say about March weather? It comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb."

The same apparently holds true for ass clowns, as this first week of March saw dozens of folks who roared their way into the headlines due to their own dubious behavior. Below are some of the better examples.

You know the rules, check out the following candidates and then cast your vote for who you think is the biggest ass clown of the week. And the nominees...

1. Patrice Johnson: The Illinois exotic dancer who Caseyville police found hiding in a closet this week after allegedly leaving her three-year-old daughter to wander a hotel alone while she worked a nearby strip club. Oh, and police also accuse her of doing drugs and allegedly telling them that she planned a threesome with the father of her daughter and another family member.

2. Chris Koster: The Missouri attorney general is under fire for attempting to overturn municipals laws restricting agriculture zoning. Koster's actions could allow corporate hog farms and other foul-smelling mega-farms to locate closer and closer to residential districts.

3. Jamie Day: An Alton bartender who made news a couple years back for exposing her breasts to tavern patrons is back in the news -- this time for admitting she supplied the heroin that killed an Illinois man in a drug overdose.

4. Sean Fitzgerald and Zachary Tucker: The Mizzou undergrads were arrested this week for a suspected hate crime after they allegedly spread cotton ball on the lawn of the school's African-American cultural center.

5. Paul Burkemper: A St. Louis financial advisor was accused this week of illegally operating an investment scheme in Russia that was suppose to purchase vodka kiosks in Moscow and St. Petersburg but instead cost his investors nearly $2 million.

Vote for your favorite below.