Who Is the Most Deserving Player Who Didn't Get Invited to the All-Star Game?

Published the week of July 12-18, 2000

Jul 12, 2000 at 4:00 am
Andy Bramman
Seventh-Grader, Hixson Middle School

"Andy Benes -- he's an awesome pitcher and he's cool. I like it that he came back to the Cardinals and he didn't stay with the Diamondbacks, because we need him more than they do. If he did get on the All-Star team, he'd strike out a lot of batters, but probably not Griffey. He can hit anything."

Patty Lamb
Horticulturist, Missouri Botanical Garden

"It would have to be Fredbird. Because of certain cutting remarks directed at him by the San Diego Chicken, he's going through an identity crisis, and so being invited to do his thing at the All-Star Game would assuage his ego. It's either that or get him a red convertible."

Greg Marecek
President and CEO, KFNS Sports Radio (590 AM)

"Easily Frank Thomas of the White Sox. His team is running away with the division, shockingly over Cleveland. Thomas is the comeback player of the year. After a couple soft seasons in a row, he's having a big season, hitting home runs, RBIs, leading the world in slugging percentage, and he doesn't make the team, probably because he's been DH-ing because of an injury lately as opposed to being in the field. Frank Thomas is a big name, a superstar, and even superstars who are having off years get selected -- but Thomas gets snubbed. Go figure."

Phil Lyons
Director, Student Life, St. Louis University

"I've always had kind of a soft spot for Mark Grace, first baseman for the Cubs. I think people just overlooked him because they didn't know his name, but he's been with the team for about 15 years, and if you've been with the Cubs that long, you deserve some recognition."

John "Lucky" McAteer
Bartender, John D. McGurk's

"I'd say Frank Thomas: impressive batting average, something like 24 home runs and playing for the White Sox, the best team in the American League. But hey, what about the ballots stuffed? With just a few days left to vote, Jeff Kent of the Giants was down by 138,000 votes, and then he wins by 36,000. I thought that was kind of weird. They call it 'late surge in voting.' I call it stuffing the ballot box."

"Voodoo Steve" Pyatt
Vice President, Bank of America

"I think that Mark McGwire's kid should have gone. You've got to recognize the professionalism of the bat boy; otherwise he'll end up like Adam Sandler in The Waterboy."