Who Is the Sexiest Newsperson on Local Television?

Week of January 31, 2001

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Darren Edmonds
Billing Department, Southwestern Bell

"Robin Smith. She just looks good on TV, better than the rest of those female news, weather, whatever else they got on TV. They look skinny and drank -- that's an Ebonic term; it means they could use help. She looks 100 percent complete."

Jim Manno
Executive Producer, Steve and DC, KHITS (96.3 FM)

"I have to go with FOX 2 chief meteorologist Dave Murray. It's his hair. You gotta dig that thick, curly hair. Dave has got the 'do."

Linda Arbogast
Professional Party Planner

"Oh, oh! It's that Garry Seith, the weatherguy on Channel 11. He smiles a lot and points at stuff. I think he's hot. I wait to see the weather segment just to watch him."

Bryan Brandt

"Steve Savard, Channel 4 sports -- hands down!"

Jerome Harris
Junior-High Science Teacher

"That's funny, because me and my friends look at the TV ladies and fantasize who we'd like to be with. I like Lynn Cousins, Channel 2 -- sharp, comfortable with the camera and very professional. When an attractive woman presents herself in a professional manner, it just makes her appear more powerful -- and that can be very sexy."

Deanna Carter
R.N., St. Louis Children's Hospital

"Randy Jackson. He has very pretty eyes -- I've seen him in person. He volunteers his time for our fundraisers at the hospital, and I find that sexy. But it's his eyes, really. He's got these blue, blue eyes, and he's tan and fine."

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