Who Is the Sexiest Public Figure in St. Louis?

Week of November 3, 2004

Nov 3, 2004 at 4:00 am
Judith Southard
Memoir Writer, The Red Shawl Diaries
"I guess Jim Edmonds, because I like the way he smiles. It's one of those smiles [that makes] you just want to pinch his cheeks. That's true! And that, for me, just does it. And he highlights his hair -- he's very metrosexual."

Jack "The Magic Man" Sinn
Liquor Promoter/"Captain Morgan" for Southern Illinois
"That psychotic nutcase from the St. Louis school board that put a curse on the mayor and poured a pitcher of water on a colleague and any other completely insane antics that she pulled. She's sexy in a sick kind of way; I mean, if she's that nutty out in public, she's probably really wild in bed. I think she needs a good shagging to get her hormones back in balance."

Bradley Bowers
Writer/Producer, The Bunglers
"That would be my father, Conrad Bowers, the mayor of Bridgeton, because people think I look like him. Or even better, because he looks like me."

Wendy Crocco
Florist, The Wilted Corsage
"I would say Beatle Bob. The hair is very sexy, and something about that way he dances really does it for me. It's seductive, and it's kind of a tease because he never lets anyone dance with him, and that's intriguing, like all things that are -- what's the word? Unattainable, yes. I'm a Scorpio, so unattainable is definitely a huge turn-on for me. I always want what I can't have."

Salvatore "Sam" Carrabino
Independent Realtor
"As far as someone who is well-known in St. Louis, I think Zoë, who owns the Pan-Asian restaurant on Euclid, is right up there. She's attractive, she takes care of herself, and she seems to be down-to-earth -- and that's important. She appears to be extremely together in her industry, and that's sexy for a woman to be able to do that and pull it off in a humble way."

Tom Keane
Masticator, Mannie's Food Chewing Service
"Katie Wolfmeyer, Mike Danton's murder-for-hire girl. The feds tried to get her, they couldn't lock her down, and now she's out on the street looking for somebody -- I know it. She's lots of fun, obviously. She's down to do anything. It's a romantic lifestyle that she's leading; I just want to be a part of it."