Who Will First Be Elected President of the U.S.: a Black Man or a White Woman?

May 3, 2000 at 4:00 am
John Wolf
Candidate, Missouri State Representative, 87th District

"Good question. I think the climate is right for a change like that, and the chances are about even it could be either. Or it might be something else entirely -- an Asian like Fujimori in Peru. Whichever one it is, I hope he or she is a Libertarian."

Victoria Nelson
Director, Girls Inc. of St. Louis

"I would like to believe they stand an equal chance. I also believe, at this point, that unless a black candidate came forward with sterling credentials and credibility, the majority would vote for a white female. Colin Powell might have been a viable candidate, having already established who he was and what he stood for through his efforts in the military."

Hair Guru, D-Zine Hair & Art Studio

"You can solve the problem by electing RuPaul; then you've got everything -- black male and female. And it'd certainly give him something to do. His career's kind of on hold right now."

Carolyn Smith
Media Coordinator, Missouri Historical Society

"Oh, a white woman, no doubt! The majority is not ready for a black man as a leader. From my perspective, they don't just see he's a man; they see the color of his skin first. There's still lots of white people who feel black people do not have the brain power equal to that of whites. They see us primarily as athletically and rhythmically inclined, which is true, though we have much, much more than that to offer."

Patty Maher

"Probably a black man, though fitness for the office should be based on their qualifications regardless of race or gender. But, unfortunately, in our society misogyny runs deeper than racism."

Greg Sanchez

"A white woman ... basically it's always been white people."