Why Aren't You Rich?

Week of June 2, 2004

Jun 2, 2004 at 4:00 am
James Fete
Electrician, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #1
"'Rich' is that elusive figure beyond your meager salary. No matter what you make, it's always ten thousand more. And that's why I'm not rich; that's why nobody is rich."

Vicki McCoy
Bartender, Max's at the Radisson (Clayton)
"Because I've had bad choices in men. There's that, okay? And then, if I'd have gone to college right out of high school, that would've made a big difference in my financial situation. You go to work right out of high school, you're satisfied with what you have. You don't set goals for yourself."

Tom Taylor
Meaty Urologist
"While I'd like to think it has to do with morality, I have to say it has more to do with laziness. That, and I have a limited skill set to exploit. Plus, most of the rich people I've met in my life have been utter assholes, so that makes it a club I don't mind missing out on -- and let me just say, in closing, 'Eat the rich.'"

Johnny Corcoran
Bass Player, Saw Is Family
"Duh...the cocaine!"

Jamilah Nasheed
Student, St. Louis Community College-
Florissant Valley

"The reason I'm not rich is because I owned a bookstore, an African-American bookstore, and they tell me African-Americans don't read. But some folks must've been reading, otherwise I wouldn't have been in business for eleven years. At present, I'm spiritually rich, and I believe that I will become monetarily rich someday, I just don't know when or how."

Abe Craig
Machine Operator, Smurfit-Stone
"Probably a lack of ambition. It takes a lot of work to get rich, and I'm lazy. Besides, me and my wife are happy with what we have. Also, money is overrated. It's there to spend and not to save -- we try to save but, you know, there's always something that you need or want."