Why Do You Think They Hate Us?

Week of October 10, 2001

Oct 10, 2001 at 4:00 am
Dion Stovall
Parking-Lot Coordinator, St. Louis City Hall
"Israel -- the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis and our support for Israel. The Palestinians have been occupied since what -- 1967? If we were militarily occupied, we'd revolt too."

Eudora "Cis" Praza
Bingo Player
"Because we have everything while they're starving and have no decent place to live. They want to take everything away from us. They've been planning this for years. It took a catastrophe like that to make us sit up and take notice. It's pitiful what they've done -- it is. All those people gone like that."

Russ Bebee
Delivery, Warehouse of Fixtures
"Because we have floors and we don't sleep in the dirt. Because we have cars and we don't ride camels. Because our women are gorgeous with brains to back it up, while their women are not even allowed to go to school. We have the opportunity to make anything of ourselves we desire."

Marcina Stewart
Systems Administrator, Firstar Bank
"We're doing good and they can't stand it. Plus, we bombed over there during the Gulf War, and ever since they've been saying they're going to get us back. And they did. They waited until Bush Jr. was in office. They were trying to kill him because they hate his dad. That's how they get back at people -- they kill their kids. And those people are not like our people. They don't care about dying."

Eddie Callahan
Painter, Local 1199
"You got me, pal. I think they should love us. Hell, they're sending all their heroin over here -- as if we need more junkies walking around. But that's a multimillion-dollar business for them. That's what's financing the Taliban, according to the newspaper."

Desiree Knapp
Project Manager, King Louis Square
"I don't know, and I believe they don't, either."