Why Gal the Coyote is Roaming Tower Grove Park: She Wants to Hump Someone

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click to enlarge Such an appetite -- a lot of guys are into that.
Such an appetite -- a lot of guys are into that.
Late wintertime = business time for coyotes. That's why they're being spotted all over the city, including in Forest Park and various nabes, according to KSDK Channel 5. Which must explain the presence of the famous coyote Gal roaming Tower Grove Park: it's breedin' season, baby.

Gal now boasts 1,352 fans on Facebook. To give you some perspective, that's about a third as many Facebook fans as the RFT has. Only Gal is a wild animal, and we're -- you know what, screw perspective.

The major point here, which the Channel 5 story drives home twice in their web article and twice in their video clip: LEAVE THE [email protected]$#ING COYOTE ALONE. Do not feed her. Do not touch her.

Unless, of course, you're a responsible male coyote with a good job and strong family values. Sense of humor a plus. No creeps/jackals.

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