Why Is St. Louis Not Part of the 2010 No Pants Subway Ride?

Jan 5, 2010 at 9:32 am
But before answering that titular query you might be wondering, "What the heck is the no pants subway ride?"

Excellent question. It's quite simple really: a group of hundreds of people (or in New York, thousands) rides the mass transit sans trousers. Confused onlookers gawk and gape and hem and haw. It's hilarious. It promotes public transportation (you know, on the premise that those who aren't in on the joke will likely ride again hoping to get another glimpse) and everyone has a good time.

Still confused? Let's go to the video:

The event has happened eight years in a row, and in 2010 25 cities around the globe are set to participate. St. Louis is not one of them. WTF?

It's not because we don't have a subway. The MetroLink totally counts.

It's not because it's going to be butt-freezing cold on Saturday. New York is doing it. Christ, Warsaw Poland is doing it.

It's not because we don't like to have fun with our light rail. After all, we had a prom on the train. This could be like the prom only better because there are no pants.

All that said, it's probably too late to be officially counted as a participant city for this year's global event. But that shouldn't stop our fair city's fun-loving mass transit riders from baring (almost) all. C'mon guys, if Salt Lake City can drop their drawers so can we.
So then. See you Saturday on the MetroLink? Busch Stadium stop seems appropriate, doesn't it?

*UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I suggest a meet-up time of high noon @ Busch Stadium. Be there or be, um, warm and inside and not pants-less in public.