Why Won't Peter Kinder Talk to the Riverfront Times?

Aug 18, 2011 at 8:24 am
Hey, Pete! How 'bout an interview with the RFT?
Hey, Pete! How 'bout an interview with the RFT?
Lt. Governor Peter Kinder made the media rounds yesterday, talking to the Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Beacon, KMOX and 97.1 FM Talk.

The purpose of all those interviews was to address allegations first revealed this month in the Riverfront Times concerning Kinder's curious relationship with a former exotic dancer and Penthouse Pet, Tammy Chapman. Funny, though, how Kinder has avoided the Riverfront Times' long-standing request to talk to him on the matter.

Even so, Kinder did his best in interviews yesterday to smear the RFT every chance he could, telling KMOX, 97.1 FM and the St. Louis Beacon that John Ross, a former Democratic candidate for Congress and friend of Chapman's, supplied us with the photo that launched the scandal. That's news to us. Even more astonishing is that Kinder claims Ross is an employee of Riverfront Times -- a fib that the RFT, John Ross and even KMOX says is complete and utter hogwash.

And while Kinder claims in interviews that Chapman can't get her facts straight, it seems the lieutenant governor is having trouble maintaining his own spin.

The Post-Dispatch story says Kinder had no idea how Riverfront Times obtained the picture of him and Chapman. But by Wednesday afternoon, when other media got a chance to interview him, Kinder had come up with his bogus theory connecting Ross as a "writer and contributing editor" for the Riverfront Times.

Another pearl from the Post-Dispatch interview is how Kinder claims he stopped attending strip club after realizing it conflicted with him being a Christian. (We'll pause a moment for you to clean the vomit off your computer screen.)

So, how about it Pete? Give Riverfront Times a call at 314-754-5966 and let's clear up all the confusion. Or would that not be in your best interest?