Wildwood Subdivision Threatens Teen with Fines, Police For Parking Truck in Driveway

click to enlarge Matt Perry, seventeen, with his "illegal" truck. - Matt Perry
Matt Perry
Matt Perry, seventeen, with his "illegal" truck.

Matt Perry, a seventeen-year-old senior at Lafayette High School, worked two jobs to buy his dream car, a 1965 cream-and-green Ford F100.

There's just one problem: He doesn't have anywhere to park it.

Valley View subdivision in Wildwood, where Perry lives with his mother and father, prohibits pickup trucks parked overnight more than four times a year, and his neighbors are making it very clear they won't tolerate rule-breaking.

"I've lived in this house since I was 1," Perry says on the Facebook page he's created for his truck. "It is the only home I know. I guess it is a fight or flight situation. In this case, I choose to fight for my truck and for the next generation of kids, like me, who want their first car to be a truck. The rule is wrong. It needs to change."

See also: Found on Craigslist: 1975 Electric Car Looks Part-Golf Cart, Part-Cheese Wedge Perry faces a $25-per-day, or $9,000-per-year, fine for parking his truck in his own driveway. One neighbor even threatened to call the police and have it towed, Perry says.

Perry took his cause to the board of trustees, who put the anti-truck law up for a vote. Angry neighbors circulated a letter saying trucks like Perry's would lower property values:

click to enlarge Wildwood Subdivision Threatens Teen with Fines, Police For Parking Truck in Driveway
Courtesy of Matt Perry

Eighty-five people voted to change the law and allow Perry to park his truck in the neighborhood, beating the naysayers by 33 votes. But even that wasn't enough.

"We found out we actually lost the vote even though we won the simple majority," Perry tells Daily RFT. To change the rules, Perry would have needed a super-majority of 130 votes.

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