Will Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Ever Leave St. Louis?

click to enlarge It's really cool, but will it ever end? - Phuong Bui
Phuong Bui
It's really cool, but will it ever end?

Have you experienced Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience?

We have. It was mesmerizing! Watching his paintings morph into each other, being surrounded on all sides by his starry night…it inspired awe.

When the exhibit first arrived outside of the Saint Louis Galleria in October, we were worried we’d miss it, since it was only scheduled for a brief run, ending in November. Then, whew! It was extended until January. Still, we feared our slacker friends would still manage to miss it. Thankfully, then, it was re-extended to March.

By that point, we’d all seen it. And now it’s April, and it’s still here. In fact, news has come down that its ghostly white tent outside the Galleria will be here at least until school gets out.

Now the question has become: Why does the thing keep getting extended? And when will it actually leave?

Our prediction: Never. Eventually, the white tent will replace the Arch as the state’s best-known landmark.

Don’t get us wrong. The exhibit is great. But it’s something you really only need to see once. Maybe twice, if you’re incredibly high.

In reality, it’s beginning to seem less like a “traveling exhibit,” and more like something that should put roots down.

A permanent space in a different location would probably be best. After all, a similar show entitled Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience is coming soon to the very same location Beyond Van Gogh currently occupies. One wonders: How many impressionists can Clayton handle?

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