Woman Charged for Trying to Deposit a Dead Person's IRS Check

Nice try, Patrina Taylor. Your fake persona is deceased. - Image via
Nice try, Patrina Taylor. Your fake persona is deceased.
On Tuesday, 44-year-old Patrina Rochelle Taylor of St. Louis county walked a credit union in Creve Coeur.

She tried to deposit an IRS tax refund check worth about $7,500 into her own account, the feds say.

The check was made out to an "Ann Hoang," according to the criminal affidavit. Taylor pulled out a driver's license that presented herself as Ann Hoang. But it was quickly determined this driver's license was phony.

Furthermore, it was also quickly determined from the IRS database that the real Ann Hoang was dead.

(In fact, the IRS had only written the check out to the real Ann Hoang as a personal representative of a "Billy Mobley." Mobley is also dead. This was a bad plan.)

Taylor left the credit union and drove off, but Creve Coeur police tracked her down and pulled her over.

She then told the officers that Ann Hoang was her friend, and had accompanied her to the credit union.

Surveillance footage showed, however, that Taylor was by herself the whole time. Nice try!

Taylor has been charged with felony theft of government funds, and released on her own recognizance.
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