Woman Sues Six Flags St. Louis Over Log Flume Injury

Angela Cain says her neck got caught in a hanging noose of overgrown vines

click to enlarge Angela Cain is suing the theme park after claiming she was injured on the Log Flume.
Angela Cain is suing the theme park after claiming she was injured on the Log Flume.

A Missouri woman yesterday filed a lawsuit against Six Flags, saying she suffered serious injuries to her back and neck when an overgrown vine "in the shape of a noose" caught her around the neck as she rode the Log Flume in Eureka.

The Log Flume, as anyone who has been to Six Flags knows, is a water attraction in which amusement park-goers sit in a vessel that looks like a hollowed-out log and then ride along a flume of water. The ride is named for the 19th-century method of floating newly fallen timber from a sawmill to a shipping depot.

In her lawsuit, Angela Cain, 53, accuses the St. Louis-area Six Flags of negligence because of the vegetation extending into the path of the ride in June 2020 when she visited the park. She is suing in St. Louis County Circuit Court for damages in excess of $25,000.

Her attorney, Gerard Schneller, says that the overgrown vine got Cain "around the neck and by the nose."

Photo of the vines that allegedly injured Cain.
Courtesy Gerard Schneller
Photo of the vines that allegedly injured Cain.

The suit says that the ride-gone-wrong left Cain with a "ruptured disc in her spine" as well as injuries to her right arm and shoulder, necessitating extensive medical therapy.

"All of her injuries are painful, permanent and progressive," the suit says.

Schneller says that thus far Six Flags has been difficult to work with.

"They just ignore you," he says.

Schneller shared with the RFT a photo of the vines along the ride that have led to the lawsuit. Now whether they amount to negligence is up for the courts to decide.

UPDATE: Multiple RFT readers who really know their Six Flags attractions have written to say that the photo Schneller provided of the "overgrown" vines around the Log Flume is actually of the River Runner attraction. We'll keep you updated on all the ups and downs of where the suit goes from here.

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