World Series Collectible Says Pujols Won MVP, Series Lasted 6 Games

Nov 2, 2011 at 8:30 am
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Anyone else out there confused by the television commercials this week from

The company is blanketing the St. Louis airwaves with ads for its 2011 World Series collectible (right) that includes a ball and a plaque commemorating the Cardinals' eleventh championship. Only the collectible seems to have more errors than the Texas Rangers' infield. 

First, has the series lasting only six games. Second, it lists Albert Pujols as the most valuable player of the series. Errr, wrong. Pujols was the MVP of Game 3, but was largely a non-factor throughout the rest of the World Series. David Freese, dammit, was the official MVP.

Who knows? Perhaps the mistakes will make this memorabilia all the more valuable to collectors. Personally, though, I'd be reluctant to drop $79.95 on this error-riddled keepsake. You?

Check out the actual commercial (below) and see it for yourself.