Would You Ever Like to Belong to Another Race?

Week of July 10, 2002

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Richard D. Moorehead
Construction Worker
"That question is inapplicable to me because I'm a culmination of several different races, and to say that I belong solely to the African race would be insufficient to describe the totality of my personhood -- in short, I'm a mutt!"

Rob Smith
"I have, actually. I lived in Albuquerque, where the culture is predominantly Hispanic, and I found myself picking up characteristics, like, I would say, 'Hey, esse.' And then I began to wonder what it might be like to have darker hair and skin, brown eyes and a real passion for life. You always hear about hot-blooded Latin lovers. Well, I saw those guys interacting with their girlfriends and wives -- wow!"

Melanie Vierling
Property Manager
"No, I don't know if I can really picture myself as a person of another race. I'm happy with what I am and happy with the diversity that's all around me -- which is why we're avid city dwellers."

Wiktor Szostalo
"There was a time when I couldn't find work as an art teacher. I must have been told 50 times by friendly faculty: 'We like you, Wiktor, but we're looking for women and minorities.' So I used to fantasize about being a black lesbian art teacher."

Chris Wong
Student, Washington University
"No, there's nothing wrong with being Chinese!"

Craig Sanders
Proprietor, C.J.'s Produce Market
"I'm proud to be an American. I'm not African-American, I'm not Italian-American and I'm not 'other.' You know that category on the form when they ask you what race you are? I used to write 'other.' Now I write 'American.' Screw 'em!"

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