X-Ray From Dog That Ate 15 Pacifiers, Lived to Bark About It

Sep 11, 2009 at 7:15 am
Back in January we told you about Lulu, the English bulldog from suburban St. Louis, whose owners took her to the vet only to discover 15 baby pacifiers lodged in the dog's gullet.

"After the surgery, the contents of her stomach filled half of a one-gallon Ziploc bag," recalls Lulu's owner Jennifer Zwart of Warson Woods, Missouri. "We were all shocked, especially since Lulu never had any symptoms and I had no idea all of those pacifiers had gone missing."

Lulu (pictured right) survived the surgery unscathed. Her medical claim later earned her entrance in Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.'s Hambone Award for the most bizarre pet injury of the year.

Yesterday it was announced that Lulu has now been voted as one of three top finalists in the competition that ends this coming Monday. (You may still vote here.)

Yesterday Daily RFT also obtained an X-ray image of Lulu's stomach filled with all 15 binkies.  

Note: Click on the image for larger view.
Although somewhat difficult to discern from this image, you can see the area of the stomach (in red) where veterinarian surgeons discovered the block of pacifiers.