Yahoo Sports' 'Sup, St. Louis' Troll-Tweet Backfires Big Time

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Seriously, Yahoo, what did we ever do to you? - Screenshot via Twitter.
Screenshot via Twitter.
Seriously, Yahoo, what did we ever do to you?

It's Monday in St. Louis, and a good one at that. The temperature is higher than "bone-chilling," there are balls everywhere, and, of course, the Los Angeles Rams' playoff performance this weekend went about as well as a square-tire jalopy trying to win the Indy 500.

Watching the debacle from his private box was team owner and universally acknowledged garbage-person billionaire Stan "St. Louis Is Lagging"  Kroenke. His is a face born to be booed. And yet — AND YET — during the the lead-up to the match, Yahoo Sports decided to take Kroenke's side, tweeting Kroenke's photo and "Sup, St. Louis."

How very droll, yes? Punching down at a city that wasted millions in a last-ditch effort to keep the team while the Walmart billionaire laughed all the way to Los Angeles — so very edgy, so lulz.

Aside from jinxing the Rams on the field, the Yahoo Sports tweet also managed to rouse the collective ire of the city. Hell hath no fury like a bunch of Twitter-savvy wiseacres who've been cooped up for two weeks on end — and so the city's best minds proceeded to drag not just Kroenke, but Yahoo Sports, its social media direction and the entire Yahoo brand.

So please, join us in delighting in the sweet nectar of Twitter burns:

Along with the justified vitriol, some replies questioned Yahoo's very existence.

Others had definite opinions on Yahoo's place in the tech ecosystem.

Others still noted that Yahoo Sports' tweet was uplifting an unlikable sports mogul over a region housing 2.8 million souls .... which had been fucked over by the equally unlikable NFL.

In conclusion:

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