"You guys and your hatred for George Bush is sometimes hard to believe."

Week of September 7, 2006

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Stage, August 10, 2006

And one for Dennis: What a great article by Dennis Brown on the Muny and Kate Baldwin ["Just Married"]. We try to come every year from Madison, Wisconsin, and it is an incredible event. We sat out the rain last year to give Kate her "you are loved" standing ovation in The Sound of Music. We also traveled to see her in White Christmas in San Francisco — another superb production with Ben Whiteley as music director.

Thanks for a great article, and to the Muny!
Susan Manning, Madison, Wisconsin

Cafe, August 10, 2006

With sugar on top: In addition to Ian Froeb's compliments aboutthe new dinner offerings at La Dolce Via, I would like to add compliments to the owners for their graciousness and generosity ["Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life!"]. The handsome and delectable baked goods they donated to the 2005 St. Louis Public Schools Transition Fair received high praise from the volunteers and teachers who met to offer their resources to students with developmental disabilities.

The kind folks at La Dolce Via didn't bat an eye when I asked for any assistance possible with our event. They went above and beyond our expectations in every way they could, making everyone involved feel truly appreciated. The community can be encouraged to return the favor and get a wonderful meal out of the deal!
Courtney Dowdall, Coral Gables, Florida

Music, August 10, 2006

Quiet/loud/quiet: Hopefully Frank and Kim and the boys can get back together [Rob Trucks, "Death to the Pixies (Again!?)"]. For me, it's really the mixture of all of them that is amazing. I really like Pistolero, but most of the Frank Black solo stuff and the last two Pixies albums (which were pretty much Frank Black albums) just didn't do it for me.

I saw them in KC last year and they were absolutely amazing. Kim seemed so happy. They're a huge influence on me, as they have been on about a million bands. They invented quiet/loud/quiet, for fuck's sake.
Josh Thomas, Kansas City

This Modern World, August 10, 2006

Wrong! I look forward to reading the RFT each week. It is well-written, entertaining and very informative about where to go and what to do in St. Louis. I lean to the right on most issues. I am what they call today a passionate conservative. I believe in the free-enterprise system; less government intervention; a strong, deterrent military; and badly needed social programs that work (unfortunately, few do). I don't think anyone in this country should go hungry or be denied medical care. All old people should be able to die with some dignity. The problem is: How do we pay for it (38 percent of my paycheck comes out every payday)? I do not have the answer.

I also believe in equal time for opposing views. Tom Tomorrow's cartoon is humorous, and so very wrong. You guys and your hatred for George Bush is sometimes hard to believe. I'm sure Tomorrow is an educated man; however, it is obvious he does not do his due diligence. Nobody on the kook-fringe-left does. You believe everything you hear, read or are told, and you do nothing to find out the real truth: There were (and still are) WMDs in Iraq and all over the Middle East. There are more trees in the world than there were before Columbus discovered America. It was 104 degrees three times in Wisconsin during the 1930s. Our country does not engage in indiscriminate bombing; in fact, quite the opposite (it is obvious you have not served in the military and are probably damn proud of that). The New York Times did help the enemy and compromise our intelligence.

Why you crazies don't realize that these religious fanatics want us all dead, and will do everything they can to accomplish that end, is very puzzling. On 9/11, everything changed. History will show that George Bush was a determined, committed president who went after the Hitlers of our time in spite of the constant hatred and criticism spewed by the Hillaries (who I happen to like), Ted (who I cannot stand...they killed the wrong Kennedy. Oswald. Oh yes, the Muslim. Sirhan, Sirhan, Sirhan), Gore (shudder to think of him as president, whew), and of course, "Yes I voted for it, and then I voted against it, I think. I'm not indecisive, am I?" Kerry (God was looking out for us with this one).

I know you won't print this; however, I had to get this off my chest. Thank you for allowing me to spew at you.
Roger G. Stout, St. Louis

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