You Read It Here Third

Don't ask us why, but this story from the Palm Beach Post doesn't appear to have hit the local press yet.

It's an account about the contents of the video recording of the drunk-driving arrest of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa. According to the story, Palm Beach County law-enforcement officials have refused to turn over a copy of the tape to prominent south Florida attorney Bruce Kaplan, who represents a Jupiter Police Department officer in an unrelated matter. (La Russa is represented by West Palm Beach attorney David Roth.)

Here's how Kaplan and another source have described the contents of the La Russa arrest tape to Palm Beach Post reporter Jose Lambiet, who wrote up the story for his "Page Two" celebrity gossip column:

"According to Kaplan and a Page Two source close to the JPD, this is what the La Russa arrest looked like: Responding officer John O'Keefe, a rookie, parks behind a sleeping La Russa, then gets scolded by a colleague, who tells him in no @%#$@&^@ uncertain terms to park in front of the manager's vehicle to prevent an escape. A group of laughing cops discuss how to 'scare' the person snoring inside by pushing their faces against the windows and banging loudly. Several officers scram when they find out the motorist is La Russa. And two lawmen prepare a dazed-and-confused La Russa for jail by teaching him gang signs."

Credit to for alerting us.


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