Your Employer MUST Let You Off Work to Vote (But You Gotta Do Your Part)

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Yes you CAN get three hours off to vote - depending on your situation - Image via
Yes you CAN get three hours off to vote - depending on your situation
Here's the scoop on how to get time off of work to vote in Missouri.

Q: Does my employer have to let me off work to vote?

Yes, under Section 115.639 of Missouri Revised Statutes -- granted you're eligible. 

Q: Eligible? How do I know if I'm eligible?

First, you have to be an eligible, registered voter. Duh.

Q: Okay, check. What else?

Next comes the question of timing. The polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm. Within that window, if there's a three-hour period when you're not actually scheduled to be working, then this law doesn't apply to you.

Q: Let's say it does apply to me. Now what?

You need to make a request, at the latest, the day before the election (meaning today). You can't make your request on election day itself. Also, your employer has the right to tell you exactly what three-hour period you can use to duck out and cast your ballot.

Q: How much time will I get?

Three consecutive hours.

Q: If I get off work for voting, but don't actually vote, no one will ever know, right?

Wrong. It's public record whether or not you voted. However, whether your boss checks is a question only you can answer.

Q: I really enjoyed this fake conversation.

So did we. We're going to eat an apple now.
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