Your Weekly St. Louis Bestseller List

Aug 29, 2011 at 11:35 am

Here's your weekly St. Louis bestseller list for the week ending August 21, as compiled by the St. Louis Independent Booksellers Alliance and based on sales at Left Bank Books, Main Street Books, Pudd'nhead Books, Subterranean Books and Sue's News.

It's movie adaptation week here on the St. Louis bestseller list: The Help, One Day, Water for Elephants, The Hunger Games (pending, but it's already rated two Entertainment Weekly covers), The Smurfs Movie Novelization (yep, that's its actual title), Girl in Hyacinth Blue (which was actually a Hallmark made-for-TV movie, but still) and Noir at the Bar, the tale of a pair of writers who compiled an anthology of crime fiction to raise money to support their favorite independent bookstore.

Whoops, sorry, Noir at the Bar is actually not a movie, but it is nice to see the anthology benefiting Subterranean Books at No. 3 on the adult bestseller list.

New to the children's list this week is My Princess Boy, Cheryl Kilodavis's autobiographical story about how she learned to come to terms with the fact that her young son likes to wear pink and sparkles and a tiara.

Full lists after the jump:

Adult Bestsellers:

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett 2. Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland 3. Noir at the Bar edited by Jedidiah Ayres and Scott Phillips 4. One Day by David Nicholls 5. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen 6. Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés 7. I'll Mature When I'm Dead by Dave Barry 8. The Adjustment by Scott Phillips 9. A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard 10. How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Novel by Christopher Boucher

Children's/YA Bestsellers:

1. The Bridge to Never Land by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry 2. In the Garden With Dr. Carver by Susan Grigsby and Nicole Tadgell 3. The Smurfs Movie Novelization by Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon 4. Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers by Dav Pilkey 5. Peter and the Starcatchers by Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry and Greg Call 6. Indestructibles: Hey, Diddle Diddle by Jonas Sickler 7. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 8. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins 9. No Such Things as Ghosts (Dragonbreath 5) by Ursula Vernon 10. My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis and Suzanne DeSimone