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Tea Parties and the "Homosexual Agenda"

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The Nazis recognized the "homosexual agenda" with a pink triangle.
  • The Nazis recognized the "homosexual agenda" with a pink triangle.
A post last week in which I mentioned a downtown "tea party" in the same breath as a Nazi protest generated a lot of heat from readers.

Here's a typical screed I received: "Your [sic] a sad excuse for a human being and an American. You linking people who defend and believe in the Constitution, God, and the principles that made our country great to a Nazi Party is inexcusable."

Okay, fine. I figured I'd let it rest there. Then yesterday I received yet another notice from the American Family Association -- one of several groups organizing the St. Louis tea party next Wednesday (April 15) to protest the Obama administration and its economic stimulus plan. The AFA now boasts -- per its latest news release -- that the number of tea parties it's sponsoring across the nation numbers more than 1,000.

So, who exactly is the AFA? Why, they're those compassionate Christians who've made it their mission to fight the "Homosexual Agenda." You know, that homosexual agenda in which gay folks are asking for equality, civil rights, and -- God-forbid (and apparently he does) -- the right to marry.

This is what will happen if the "Homosexual Agenda" is victorious -- according to links on AFA's Web site.
"With the legalization of homosexual marriage, every public school in the nation will be required to teach that this perversion is the moral equivalent of traditional marriage between a man and a woman." -- AND -- "Marriage among homosexuals will spread throughout the world, just as pornography did after the Nixon Commission declared obscene material 'beneficial' to mankind." 
The homo agenda is just one of the "issues" you'll find on AFA's site. (They're also hell-bent on battling the immorality of the entertainment and media industries.)

So, anyway, just thought I'd pass that along. Go ahead and attend the tea party. Just know who's behind the event.

Oh, and please don't drink any Lipton or Sobe bottled teas while you're at next week's tea party. Those brands are Pepsi products and the AFA is boycotting Pepsi Co. for "choosing to support the homosexual activists." 

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