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Three of Calvin Huckle's Greatest Burns

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Okay. One last day to pimp this week's cover story prior to it being lost in cyberspace once we publish our next issue.

As you may know, the article spotlights the online hijinks of Paul Kinsella, alias Calvin Huckle.

Huckle is a "scam baiter," which he describes thusly: "person who uses any of a variety of techniques to annoy, harm or waste the time of a scammer, usually by responding to fraudulent e-mails."

But Kinsella is somewhat unique in that he loves loves LOVES to "burn" scammers. A "burn" is the final gotcha message that reveals to the con man that he, in turn, has been conned.

That said, here are three of Calvin Huckle's most caustic burns, showcased on his site, 419hell.com:

1) From a phone conversation with a so-called "romance scammer" calling herself Sweet Candy, who was trying to convince Calvin Huckle to wire her some money so she could buy a plane ticket and join him in the U.S. of A. She wanted the control number for the wire transfer:

Calvin Huckle: We don't have control numbers [for the wire transfer], we have control letters, 14 control letters: U-R-A-S-T-U-P-I-D-B-I-T-C-H...You are a stupid bitch.

Sweet Candy: Hello? I'm a what?

Calvin Huckle: Yeah I said, 'You are a stupid bitch.'

Sweet Candy: Why - what do you mean?

Calvin Huckle: I mean you are stupid, and you're a bitch. I can't be more clear with this.

2) From an e-mail to Howard Cox, who had been trying to convince Calvin Huckle that he'd won the U.K. national lottery!  

Dear Scammer,
Your whore mother thinks you are a worthless, brainless and pathetic disappointment that she wishes she had aborted as a fetus.
I cost you 3 unnecessary trips to western union, about 25 emails and slightly over 1 full hour in long-distance phone charges. The phone charges alone probably cost you about $300.00! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! You are a pathetic loser.

All my love (kiss-kiss),
- Calvin Huckle :)

3) The son of a wealthy (and deceased) cocoa merchant wanted help retrieving his father's lock box containing $18.7 million from a security company. They needed an advanced fee from Huckle to get the process going. So Huckle arranged to meet the scammer at the City Hall building of Fredericton, Canada. This is what happened:

The scammer was upset Huckle never showed up, so he called. And Huckle told him the truth:

"There's something I need to tell you here, number one, the reason that we didn't meet is that you didn't follow instructions....and number two, I've been having sex with your mother, and that kinda distracted me from being able to go there on time."

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