Monday, July 27, 2009

Are You Ready to Augment Your Reality? [Fun With iPhone]

Posted By on Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 8:18 AM

Most people have heard of virtual reality and probably have at least some vague idea of what that is. But have you heard of augmented reality? Well it's coming to your iPhone 3gs this fall.

In case you don't know what augmented reality is (and unless you're a sci-fi geek you probably don't) it's a heads up display for life ... Okay, maybe that's not a good way to explain it either. Perhaps it's best just to show you. Here is a video demo from a developer of one such app that will be available this fall on the iPhone 3gs:

So as you can see, this could have all kinds of practical applications. From finding your way around a neighborhood or even inside of a building. How about games?

What happens when facial recognition comes to the iPhone? You think that won't happen? It's already being done in apps yet to be released, here is an example:

How about integrated with Twitter?

Just so you know, none of this will be available until September when Apple is scheduled to release version 3.1 of the iPhone OS.

Oh, and in case you are wondering if other phones might have these kinds of apps eventually? The answer is yes. Here is a demo of an augmented reality app running on Google's Android OS:


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