Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unreal E-Mail of the Day

Posted By on Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:55 PM

Here at Unreal's dear old RFT base of operations, we get TONS of e-mail. By TONS we mean scads, heaps, piles, mountains. Think: landfill. We're, like, the cat lady of e-mails.

But we're not complaining. Fact is, scrolling down our inbox, sifting through our massively clogged spam filter -- and throwing nearly everything away -- can induce in Unreal a  Zen-like calm. There's a certain Dada-ist bent to the process, even as the eyes glaze over and the brain's alpha waves kick in. Every once in a while, a chunk of virtual flotsam catches our eye and won't let go...

Such was the case this morning, when we encountered:

Subject:     Yaz Ayları için Oyuncaklar

Now, Unreal is no multilinguist, but we're pretty sure that's Turkish, and that toys are involved.

Sure enough, here's a screenshot of the body of the e-mail:


At least that's as much as we could fit in one grab. As transfixed as we were by the Syma Fairy R/C Helikopter, and as mystified as we were at the Powerball twins, what we really coveted appeared farther down...

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