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Last Night on the Colbert Report: Andy Schlafly, The Conservative Bible Project, and Alternate Reality

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Some things are just made for each other: peanut butter and jelly, rock and roll, Albert Pujols and the Cardinals, and now, Andy Schlafly and Stephen Colbert.

Last night the world's finest faux-pundit hosted the St. Louis scion--son of Phyllis Schlafy, cousin of brewer Tom Schlafly-- and it was a banner moment in Comedy Central history.

Schlafly, you may recall, is the ultra-right wing attorney famous for founding and spearheading the Conservative Bible Project. The latter is an attempt to rid the bible of a perceived "liberal bias" by "updating" the text with conservative words, phrases, and ideas. Schlafly and the project were the subjects of an RFT news story last month.

Colbert, as he is wont to do to his more loony GOP guests, mocked Schlafy mercilessly. And it was awesome.

You can watch the entire episode by clicking here.

The highlight was probably Colbert stating that, like Schlafly, he "believes in a conservative world view and I want to create my own reality the way you are." The two also talked about abortion, Issac Newton, the Magna Carta, and why Jesus wasn't the liberal sissy everyone thinks he was.

This isn't the first time Schlafly's "work" has been featured on the show. Back in October, Colbert got wind of the Conservative Bible Project and asked his viewers to go online and make him a conservative biblical figure-- a replacement for Moses, Sampson, or even God himself. The show's loyal fans obliged, and substituted Colbert for Noah-- at least until Schlafly went back and un-did the changes. Needless to say, the two exchanged a few words about the incident last night.

Here's the older episode:
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