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Local Time-Traveler Publishes World's First Facebook Novel

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Profile of a time traveler.
  • Profile of a time traveler.

Ah, time travel, the eternal dream! Where would you go? Do you go by DeLorean (per Back to the Future) or do you need special genetics (per The Time Traveler's Wife) or do you just need to know how to exceed the speed of light (per Einstein's Theory of Relativity)? Speegg Met, a time traveler from St. Charles, eschews all these. Instead, he journeys via the mind and has ventured to the past, present and future.

(Sadly, he seems to have resisted the urge to transform history. Maybe because that would create a paradox or something, you know, the reason why people in all those time travel books never do anything besides whine about how they want to go home.)

Although he is a time traveler, Met is a lot like the rest of us. He's divorced with two teenage children. He worries about paying the bills. Sometimes he suffers from insomnia. Sometimes he dresses up as "The Re-Mark-able Twain". And he spends a lot of time on Facebook.

His new novel, The Thought Traveler, is, in fact, published entirely on Facebook, in the form of updates to his wall. (Don't laugh. Some young whippersnapper is going to do the same thing someday soon, only in print, and we will all call it "postmodern".)

Speegg Met, a writer and self-professed time traveler, has become the world's first author to publish an entire book on the wall of a Facebook profile. His book, titled "The Thought Traveler" was meticulously cut and pasted backwards from ending to beginning into the posts and comments section of his Facebook profile which can be read at

Mr. Met claims to have the ability to travel in time or "thought" and uses his ability to travel to past, present and future parallel universes.

"The knowledge I gathered from my Thought Travels was put into this free online book to enlighten and education the world about important futuristic events." Mr. Met also introduces a New Way of Life in "The Thought Travele" that he claims will bring about an evolutionary change in humanity on both an individual and global level.

"I'm not here to save the world." says Mr. Met. "I'm here to change the world and to make it a peaceful, healthier, more intelligent and happier place to live."

"The Thought Traveler" is an extremely controversial literary project that stimulates the spirituality and intellect of those who read it. It includes seventeen "postlatums" or future gifts to mankind that describes why humanity suffers and how the younger generation is learning to harness the Power of their Minds.

"We are standing on the cusp of witnessing an evolutionary shift," explains Mr. Met. "Our ancestors evolved from subcreatures to mediocreatures using tools and language. We are now going to see extremely miraculous abilities of the Mind that attest to the fact we‚re becoming the kind of Supreme creatures God created us to be."

Healings, strange powers and mental telepathy are just some of the incredible talents young people are going to start demonstrating in what Mr. Met describes as a New World dominated by a Supreme United Human Race. This New World replaces our current Old World filled with generationally brainwashed "Commoners" who practice the Five Fundamental Faults of Humanity: Disease, Poverty, Religion, Vice and War.

Common people currently control the world and that is why there are seven billion ignorant, unhealthy, scared and financially struggling people running around this planet looking for safety, security and some kind of spiritual guidance from Religion. But one day soon, the religions of the world are going to prove their anti-godliness by doing horrific acts and then the human race will see the Wisdom and Truths that can be found in "The Thought Traveler" and become Supreme beings.

Speegg Met's free online book, "The Thought Traveler" is the first of a three books he's writing called the "Here Reads Need" Trilogy. The next one titled "Journey to Jankwin" is scheduled to come out later this year. "The Thought Traveler" can be read at and Speegg's website is

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