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Walt Jocketty: Getting the Band Back Together

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It happens to every guy at some point in life. You reach a certain age, and all of a sudden you start getting nostalgic for the past. At odd times, too; maybe you look in the mirror one morning, notice how thin the hair is getting on top, and you just can't help but think about your friends from college. Or you see a girl, young enough to be your daughter, bopping down the street in tiny little shorts and you think to yourself she looks just like your wife did all those years ago when you first laid eyes on her. 

Point is, at some point in just about everyone's life they want to bring back the old days, to recreate some of the glory you may have lost along the way. 

That time seems to have come for Walt Jocketty, and he's scratching that itch by rebuilding his old Cardinals team in Cincinnati. 

It appears the Reds are close to finalizing a deal with Jason Isringhausen. Yes, that's right, Jason Isringhausen. Izzy. Former Cardinal closer Jason Isringhausen. The same Izzy who we all saw broken down and used up a couple years back, who threw only 8 innings in 9 games in 2009. 

When Jocketty made the trade for Scott Rolen, I was very critical. I didn't get it. I thought the Reds were still too far away for a guy like Rolen to really contribute. I thought he was coming to the end of his road, and the Reds were still a season or two away from contending. Well, I was wrong. The Reds are contenders right now, and Rolen has been a huge part of that. 

When he brought in Russ Springer, I was just puzzled. I mean, yeah, the Cincinnati bullpen isn't the best, necessarily, but there had to be some arms down in the system who could come up and contribute, right? I mean, Russ Springer? He was good last time I saw him, but he's currently sharing a bad of hard candy with Jamie Moyer. Translation: the dude's old. 

Now, though, I totally get it. Jocketty's getting all sentimental for the old days, and so here comes Izzy to complete the set. He's putting together basically all the players from the same team that got him run out of St. Louis. 

I do wonder, though, if Jocketty just might be trying to put together the same Cardinal team he lost with his last year just to prove he still has it. Sure, he's a great general manager and all, so he should be above that. On the other hand, I'm not so sure. Maybe he thinks is he puts together the same group of guys in Cincinnati he had here in St. Louis and beats the Cardinals, it will somehow vindicate him. Maybe he thinks the best way to prove the Cards made a mistake is to beat them Sinatra style, doing it his way. 

Or maybe he just needs to go buy a convertible and some of that spray-on tan stuff. I'm going with that one. 

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