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Debates Got You Bored? 7 Badass Feats of Strength from Politicians

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As the general election approaches, candidates try harder than ever to court voters (except not really in Missouri). If you're like Daily RFT, you've grown weary of the debates and heated verbal sparring. Back in ye olde days, when brains fell short, candidates seeking public office courted the public with stunning displays of brawn.

After three policy-heavy presidential debates, who doesn't want to see Mitt Romney and Barack Obama throw down before Election Day? Lets hold one last "debate" but instead of going over the finer points of Medicare, lets have Obama and Romney toss podiums across the auditorium, or skin and de-bone real Big Birds.

To stoke the competitive flames, here are seven amazing feats of strength from politicians across the country. From Board of Alderman president Lewis Reed to Abe Lincoln (before he was slaying vampires), these guys and gals knew how to engage an electorate... or die lifting.

7. John Quincy Adams - 6th President (1825-1829)

A buff president... or at least one who liked to be in the buff.
  • A buff president... or at least one who liked to be in the buff.

These days a politician can't email a blurry photo of his schvantz to a personal friend without it ending up in the New York Post. But back in the day, White House staff were accustomed to seeing sixth president John Quincy Adams' little commander-in-chief. Adams used to start every work day with a 5 a.m. naked dip in the icy Potomac River.

Anne Royall, largely considered the first professional female journalists in the country, seized an opportunity to interview Adams in a moment of vulnerability. After having her interview requests turned down multiple times, the intrepid reporter followed Adams out to the Potomac and sat on his clothing while he was submerged in water until he agreed to answer her questions. She was the first woman to score an interview with a president-- but Adams was hardly the first or last president to be seen naked by an unmarried woman.

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