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St. Louis Rules, Kansas City Drools: Top Reader Responses to Our Kansas City Star Rebuttal

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We've gotten a lot of response over the last week to our "St. Louis Rules, Kansas City Drools" post -- RFT's rebuttal to a Kansas City Star column arguing that Kansas City is superior to St. Louis and that our city is declining while their city is rising.

In case you missed it, check out our response to KC Star columnist Yael T. Abouhalkah.

And for your reading pleasure below, we've chosen our top favorite responses from readers, many with their own suggestions about why Kansas City or St. Louis is more or less of a sucky city.

15. We Are Both the Joke of the Nation A string of replies Daily RFT received were along the lines of xxxxxxxxx's comment:

Hahaha! Is this really a debate?? So sad...I'll help out. Both cities are amongst the biggest jokes in the nation. People all end up or get stuck in both. NO ONE picks either. Ever.

This is like two retards arguing over who is less retarded. Just sit quietly in your short bus and don't disturb the others...

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14. Kansas City and St. Louis Are Filled With Angry People Reader kane8090 had this addition to the we-both-suck argument:

Been to both lived in both and they both are hot beds for crime, drugs and angry people. They are a stain on the map that is the mid west and to be truthful no one if they had a choice of anywhere in america to live would pick either of these cities unless they are high on meth( which is very possible in the two)

13. Kansas City Inferiority Complex Speaks for Itself From Luke:

Equally as funny as this article, is the collective Kansas City inferiority complex that has come to life in these comments.

Continue for more reader responses.

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