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Vinita Park Mayor James McGee's Secretly Recorded Race Comments (AUDIO)

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The audio file below is taken from the full, twenty-minute long recording:

McGee: The former mayor didn't do that. The former mayor didn't give a heck about our kids. How many you saw up here working up here when she was up here?

Unidentified male voice: None.

McGee: Negroes was scared to come up here, and I'm going to tell the truth. They were scared to come up here. You didn't see 'em up here. Now I got in, they think they can run over me, but bullshit. They ain't going to run over me....

Unidentified male voice: I know.

McGee: And I was raised on a plantation. And I'm not going to put up with no mess and I keep saying that. Here we getting the city beautiful, you got them damn white people pulling up flowers. Trying to make us look like Wellston and I'll be damned if we going to look like Wellston.

I'm getting pissed off too, because all the shit that I'm doing, people don't appreciate it.They don't appreciate it. Twelve hours, I'm getting paid for four. And you make twice as much as I do. You just there for eight hours. If you work overtime you get paid. I don't. It ain't the pay. It's helping our children. And that's what we got to understand. God put us here for a reason.

Look what the other mayor did. $150,000 bond and didn't do shit with it and I got the proof right here. Come up here sometime and I'll show it to you. See the proof right here. Two engineers on one job, paying 'em top dollar, 170-some dollars an hour. Roads that ain't even ours. Nobody came up here and said diddly-what about it.

Now repaired streets getting [inaudible].... You know, making sure our streets are safe, making sure the city is beautiful, but all I get is complaints. Complaints, complaints, complaints. And I'm getting pretty damn tired of it. That's why I don't have time for mess.

Unidentified male voice: I told Virginia, I say, "Virginia...."

McGee: You know Virginia didn't do shit.... How many black people that was in here contracting 'fore she got here? Not one. All white. All white police department. Then when I get rid of they ass -- Well, they got rid of they self. I didn't get rid of them. "Oh, he fired all the veterans so he can have some niggers up here." I'm going to say it right: house niggers. Up here picketing right with 'em. Don't even know what the hell is going on.

Attorneys for the police officers subpoenaed Williams and got a copy of the recording.

In January, the city settled with the five officers for $726,000. A few weeks later, the board of aldermen fired Williams.

Read the rest of the story in this week's feature: "All Politics is Racial: Mayor James McGee and the race trouble in Vinita Park."

Continue for a copy of the five officers' complaint against Vinita Park.

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