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Bad Guys Steal Man's Gun, Man Pulls Second Gun, Shoots Bad Guys

Daniel Hill Nov 3, 2017 13:03 PM
Photo via Ken / Flickr
Three men went to the hospital with gunshot wounds Thursday night after an attempted robbery progressed into a shootout in a gas station parking lot.

A 68-year-old man man taking full advantage of his CCW permit approached the window at the BP gas station located at Madison and Florissant in the Old North neighborhood with a gun tucked into the waistband of his pants at approximately 6:20 p.m. He was there to make a purchase, but before he could do so, a suspect stole his gun from him, KMOV reports.

Before the suspect started firing shots, the victim produced a second gun, and an exchange of gunfire ensued. A second suspect exited a nearby car and was fired upon as well.

One suspect was hit in the leg, the other in the stomach. According to police, the two drove from the scene to a hospital for treatment, where they arrived conscious and breathing. One of the suspects is 22 years old; the other is 26.

The victim was shot once in the shoulder. He went to his house, just up the street from the gas station, and called police. He too was conscious and breathing when he arrived at a hospital.

Police have released no further information at this time. The investigation is ongoing.