Tuesday, September 25, 2018

SEMO President Filmed Drinking from Beer Bong, Finally Making the University Cool

Posted By on Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 10:24 AM

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is not exactly known as being a cosmopolitan hotspot. In fact, we’re usually at a loss as to why anyone would choose to spend the best years of their life in this cultural void of a town.

Maybe everyone who goes to school at Southeast Missouri State University (aka SEMO) has a scholarship? Or maybe they’re all students who take their education very seriously and don’t want to be distracted by things like having interesting people to hang out with or fun events?

But all of that might soon change because SEMO President Carlos Vargas has been filmed getting down on one knee to drink from a beer bong.

Yep, that’s right, SEMO is finally cool.

The video has gone viral, to the point that our boy Carlos even issued an apology for this “poor decision,” concerned that he might appear to be someone who condones binge drinking. He said the video serves as a reminder to himself that he “must always be mindful of my actions and behavior.”

We think that the ol' Prez has it completely wrong. He's single-handedly won SEMO more good publicity with today's youth than the place has had in decades!

Even so, we'd concede that this incident works as a teaching opportunity and a lesson for his young charges: Don’t put anything you do at college on video. Bongs of all sorts and your naughty bits should be kept firmly off-camera. You can thank us later for this solid advice.

So have fun, SEMO kids. Good luck surviving Cape. Make sure to visit the delicious Bistro Saffron while you’re down there, but do keep your boozing off the FaceChat and the InstaPost and the SnapSpaces. That is for amateurs like Carlos.

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