27 Photos That Prove the 2016 RFT Music Showcase Was a Total Blast

The 15th annual RFT Music Showcase took over the Grove on Saturday. With nine venues and more than 90 bands, this year's showcase…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Photo by Theo Welling.
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65 Groovy Moments at the Cosmic Reunion Festival

We saw it all at the Cosmic Reunion festival on Saturday. Held May 26-29 in Astral Valley, Missouri, this arts and music…

By Riverfront Times Staff

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28 Great Hippie Looks from the Cosmic Reunion Festival

Good vibes reigned during the extended holiday in Astral Valley, Missouri, home of the annual Cosmic Reunion festival. Held May 26-29, the…

By Riverfront Times Staff

One attendee does her "Happy Dance."
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A McDonald's-Themed Metal Band Called Mac Sabbath Played the Firebird Last Night (Yes, Really)

You've never seen a concert -- or McDonald's -- quite like this. Mac Sabbath took the Firebird stage on March 29. Using…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Ronald works the Satanic grill.
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7 Record Stores Every St. Louis Music Lover Must Visit

Music can take you back to a different time and place, triggering memories you may not have even realized you had. But…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Inside, you'll find a plethora of records, CDs, DVDs, videos and other memorabilia.
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27 Incredible Vintage Photos of Artists in St. Louis' Gaslight Square

This week's feature looks at St. Louis nightlife and those who helped shape it. No discussion of St. Louis' social scene would…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The Bennie Sharp Band in 1962.
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67 of the RFT's Best Pictures from 2015

There was pole-dancing and Pride, water-balloon fights and Mayhem. There was eye contact and Artica, Ferguson Rocks and LouFest and Rocky Horror.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Summertime shenanigans at Chouteau Park.
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PHOTOS: Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello Raid the Pageant on 11/11

Everyone's favorite fun-loving tribe -- the gypsy punks of Gogol Bordello -- stormed St. Louis on Wednesday, November 11. The NYC-based group…

By Riverfront Times Staff

PHOTOS: Gypsy Punks Gogol Bordello Raid the Pageant on 11/11
27 slides

Peek Inside Sofar, St. Louis' Invite-Only Living Room Show

Sofar shows have been popping up in cities across the globe, and they aren't just your typical concerts. For starters, the artists…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Sean and Katelyn Hamre, the cellist and the violinist, played on Lizzie Weber's last album.
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Your Picks for the Best Of 2015: Readers' Poll Winners

Our Best Of St. Louis issue has two different types of winners: ones that we, the editorial staff, research and deem The…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Best Cardinal: Yadier Molina
    Photo courtesy Flickr/Herkie
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Sneak Peek: 9 Pictures from Sammy Hagar’s New Cookbook

St. Louis favorite Sammy Hagar will be signing copies of Are We Having Any Fun Yet?: The Cooking and Partying Handbook today…

By Riverfront Times Staff

For Unlawful Carnitas Tacos 
    Photo courtesy Flickr/LexnGer
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LouFest Up-Close: Crowds and Bands

With a deep lineup and perfect weather, record crowds turned out at LouFest this weekend. All photos by Robert Rohe,With a deep…

By Riverfront Times Staff

A higher view for the Black Cadillacs at the BMI stage.
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LouFest 2015: The Best Local Flavor

From food to clothes to tunes, LouFest had St. Louis at its heart this weekend, showcasing the best the city has to…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Sterling Davis grills up some delicious burgers at Baileys' Range.
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The Biggest Names of LouFest 2015

Ludacris, the Avett Brothers, Young the Giant, Billy Idol: LouFest brought a huge, diverse lineup to Forest Park this weekend, and our…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Sameer Gadhia of Young the Giant closing out the Phillips 66 stage Sunday night.
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9 Times People Channeled Their Inner Dude at LouFest

Music festivals are hard work. There are chairs to schlep, food to sample and seemingly endless hikes to  porta-potties. Amid the hustle…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Maddie and Stephanie catch a nap before the headliners.
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LouFest TrendWatch: 9 Best Floral Crowns, 1 Mighty Floral Beard

Fall usually isn't associated with flowers, but why not? These bloom-bedecked crowns (and one mighty floral beard) made us smile, and are…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Bex and her rosettes.
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LouFest: Families Who Rock Together

Is an appreciation for good music genetic? These families of LouFest make the case that it just might be. All photographs by…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The Vanderwalkers, from Webster Groves, came out to get down to Umphrey's McGee's funky sounds.
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