Black-Owned Restaurants You Can Support in St. Louis

We have four words for you: Support Black-owned businesses. St. Louis' Black-owned bars, restaurants and other businesses are central to our economy…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Alibi Cookies
     (1136 Tamm Avenue, 314-376-4095)
    Find out more here.
    Visit their
    Photo credit: Mabel Suen
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The Most Beautiful Restaurants and Bars in St. Louis [PHOTOS]

Beautiful food and drinks deserve to be served in equally beautiful surroundings. These gorgeous local bars and restaurants offer some of the…

By Jaime Lees

Mabel Suen
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Buzz's Hawaiian Grill Brings Polynesian Delicacies to St. Louis [PHOTOS]

This food truck was such a success in St. Louis that the owner opened a brick-and-mortar location on Magnolia Avenue. The Tower…

By Riverfront Times

Mabel Suen
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Sando Shack's Japanese Sandwiches Are a Huge Hit in St. Louis [PHOTOS]

From a crazy-popular food truck to a brick-and-mortar storefront in the heart of Tower Grove South's Morgan Ford business district, Sando Shack…

By Jaime Lees

Mabel Suen
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St. Louis Restaurants to Look Forward to in 2023 [PHOTOS]

A new year means plenty of new things, and St. Louis' dining scene is no exception. Let's face it, 2022 has been…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Cheryl Baehr
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The Greatest New St. Louis Restaurants of 2022 [PHOTOS]

RFT Food Editor Cheryl Baehr has painstakingly crafted her top ten restaurants into a curated list. Here are her top ten, along…

By Cheryl Baehr, Riverfront Times Staff

Bowood by Niche
(4605 Olive Street, 314-454-6868)
Pictured: buttermilk pancakes, avocado toast, honey bun, baked oatmeal and latte.
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St. Louis Restaurants We've Lost So Far in 2022 [PHOTOS]

COVID-19, supply-chain issues, worker shortages, rising costs and the grind of an often-difficult industry closed the doors at too many restaurants across…

By Riverfront Times

Ryan Krull
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New St. Louis Food And Drink Spots That Opened in 2022 [PHOTOS]

Wow, 2022 is almost over. While the year went by in a blink, plenty happened, especially in the city's bustling restaurant scene.…

By Riverfront Times

Andy Paulissen
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22 Gifts for People Who Love St. Louis [PHOTOS]

Sure, you can buy that factory-made junk on Amazon, and you’ll be checking the proverbial box as having given something. But don’t…

By Sarah Fenske

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12oh7 Herban Eatery's Plant-Based Fare is Mouthwateringly Delicious [PHOTOS]

12oh7 Herban Eatery (6138 Delmar Boulevard, 314-932-1207) is a casual restaurant that offers vegan takes on comfort food such as burgers, nachos…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Mabel Suen
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Everything We Saw at Sugar Rush at Third Degree Glass Factory [PHOTOS]

Third Degree Glass Factory (5200 Delmar Boulevard) was transformed into a candy land last week for the inaugural Sugar Rush. The event…

By Riverfront Times

Max Bouvatte
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Fordo's Killer Pizza Offers Fantastic Neapolitan-Style Pizza [PHOTOS]

The Food Hall at City Foundry offers a wide selection of tasty food, and Fordo's Killer Pizza is a must-visit. From their…

By Riverfront Times

Mabel Suen
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Bistro La Floraison Offers French Cuisine With a Side of Cosmic Wonder [PHOTOS]

For a taste of quintessential French magic right here in St. Louis, visit Bistro La Floraison, a worthy successor to the beloved…

By Riverfront Times

Mabel Suen
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Eat Crow in Soulard Offers Good Times and Great Food [PHOTOS]

Presented by the same people behind the Crow's Nest in Maplewood, this new spot in Soulard continues the tradition of fantastic food…

By Riverfront Times

Mabel Suen
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Clara B's Kitchen Table Is Worth the Drive to Belleville [PHOTOS]

From golden biscuits and gravy to gigantic breakfast sandwiches, Clara B's Kitchen Table in Belleville is definitely worth the drive. Read Cheryl…

By Riverfront Times

Biscuit and gravy.
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Everything We Saw at the 2022 RFT Mac n' Cheese Throwdown Event [PHOTOS]

The Mac & Cheese Throwdown is serious business. Some of the city's best chefs go head-to-head in a melty-cheesy smackdown. The winner…

By Riverfront Times

mac and cheese
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Restaurants We Would Die to Have in St. Louis [PHOTOS]

There are some restaurants we can only dream of in St. Louis. Sure, we have our own great spots, but we can’t…

By Riverfront Times

We want everything on the menu at In-N-Out, and we want it “animal style.”
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Westchester in Chesterfield Offers Speakeasy Vibes and Fantastic Food [PHOTOS]

The dark and moody dining room is only the first of many (good) surprises at Westchester. Read Cheryl Baehr's review: "Westchester Is…

By Riverfront Times

Wenneman's pork rib chop with sweet potato puree, greens and maple-bourbon glaze.
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La Oaxaqueña's Dazzling Menu Features Enchiladas, Street Tacos and More

For a taste of traditional Oaxaxan cuisine, head to La Oaxaqueña in Mehlville, where you'd be a fool not to try the…

By Riverfront Times

Empanadas fritas — two handmade fried corn tortillas stuffed with Oaxaca cheese or chicken, topped with refried black beans, cabbage, queso fresco and salsa.
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Dine With a View at These St. Louis Area Restaurants [PHOTOS]

The city of St. Louis is straight up beautiful, and sometimes you need to take that in when the going gets tough.…

By Riverfront Times

ART Bar at Angad Arts Hotel
3550 Samuel Shepard Drive
ART Bar stuns at the top of Angad Arts Hotel. The ambience is unbeatable, and the food and cocktails are good, too.
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Heated St. Louis Area Patios That Will Keep You Warm When It's Cold [PHOTOS]

The fall and winter — not to mention early spring in St. Louis — can be a real bummer when you want…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The Royale
    (3132 S Kingshighway Boulevard, 314-772-3600)
    The Royale's fire pits will keep you warm for the rest of fall.
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Menya Rui Serves Out-Of-This-World Ramen [PHOTOS]

Menya Rui adds to to St. Louis' outstanding ramen shop scene "a portal to an entirely new world of Japanese noodles," food…

By Riverfront Times

A selection of items from Menya Rui (clockwise from top left): pork shoyu ramen, house cucumbers, original tsukemen, tantanmen brothless and karaage.
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Station No. 3 Offers Delights for Both Vegans and Omnivores [PHOTOS]

At most St. Louis restaurants, vegans are lucky to find one thing they can eat on the entire menu. Not at Station…

By Riverfront Times

Crispy Chick'n Sandwich with seasoned and house-battered chicken, may, pickles, lettuce, tomato and onion.
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Grab These Tasty $5 Specials During St. Louis Taco Week

St. Louis Taco Week is just around the corner and we're excited to stuff our faces with all of these tasty tacos.…

By Riverfront Times

Amigos Cantina
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The Best Food in St. Louis, According to RFT Readers

From the best brunch to the best new restaurant, our readers know where to find all of the good stuff. Our "Best…

By Riverfront Times

Best Chicken Wings
Navin’s BBQ (3559 Arsenal Street, 314-449-1185)
Runner-Up: Hogtown Smokehouse (6301 Clayton Avenue, 314-899-0550)
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The Best Bars & Entertainment in St. Louis, According to RFT Readers

We asked and you answered! Here are your picks for the best bars and entertainment in St. Louis. Our "Best of St.…

By Riverfront Times

The Factory (17105 North Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield; 314-423-8500)
Runner-Up: The Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard, 314-726-6161)
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RFT's Best of Food & Drink in St. Louis 2022 [PHOTOS]

Mask mandates may be a thing of the past, dining rooms are at full capacity and diners have come back out in…

By Riverfront Times

Best Burger
Jack Nolen's
Jack Nolen’s (2501 South Ninth Street) owner Jim Grindstaff doesn’t have a phone in his Soulard establishment. What he does have is the city’s most quintessential smashburger, a stunning specimen created after he traveled the country on a quest to discover what makes for a delicious burger patty. He paid attention to the key details — the ideal blend of beef, the perfect melty cheese, the right type of bun — and the culmination of that effort is Jack Nolen’s double cheeseburger, a magical smashburger that is a perfection of the form. The key is the beef mix, a blend of brisket, chuck and short rib that is so well marbled it remains buttery and tender throughout when smashed on the flattop, save for the crispy edges that are like a beefy lace. Gooey American cheese seeps into every crevice, and a simple garnish of lettuce, tomato, onion and dill pickle slices crown the beauty before it’s tucked into a soft potato bun. That you can enjoy such a classic while bellied up to the bar at such a quintessential watering hole only adds to the mystique. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have a phone; it would be ringing off the hook. —Cheryl Baehr
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Kid-Friendly St. Louis Restaurants That Don’t Suck [PHOTOS]

Not all restaurants are for kids. And the restaurants that kids love are not always so great for parents, either. But these…

By Riverfront Times

Hi-Pointe Drive-In
(multiple locations including 1033 McCausland Avenue,
Spectacular burgers, fries and shakes? They’re serving every kid’s dream meal each day.
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Find Some of the Best Mediterranean Food in St. Louis at Salve Osteria [PHOTOS]

Natasha Bahrami serves up a worthy successor to Cafe Natasha's at Salve Osteria on South Grand Boulevard. Read Cheryl Baehr's review: "Salve…

By Riverfront Times

Orecchiette with lamb sausage and broccolini.
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Big Mama's BBQ Express Will Make Your Food Dreams Come True [PHOTOS]

From pig snoots to brisket to spare ribs to loaded fries, Big Mama's BBQ Express in East St. Louis has everything that…

By Riverfront Times

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.
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