Live the California Dream in This Shrewsbury House [PHOTOS]

This modern, open house looks like it was picked up on the west coast and just dropped down in Shrewsbury. The three…

By Jaime Lees, Riverfront Times

Live the California Dream in Shrewsbury [PHOTOS]
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Pizza Champ Proves Every Night Should Be Pizza Night [PHOTOS]

Pizza Champ quickly becoming a go-to pick-up spot for weekly pizza nights and pizza parties. Read Cheryl Baehr's review: "Elmwood Owners Find…

By Riverfront Times

The "Triple Pepperoni" is Pizza Champ's signature pie.
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The Traditional Yucatán Cuisine at Sureste Mexican Is Dazzling [PHOTOS]

Chef Alex Henry offers a taste of his ancestral homeland at this new fast-casual spot. Read Cheryl Baehr's review: "Sureste Mexican is…

By Riverfront Times

A selection of dishes from Sureste: cochinita pibil, local beets marinated in citrus, pavo en escabeche, Mayan fried roll with local turkey and meatballs, mushroom tamale, ceviche and vaporcito tamale.
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50 St. Louis Bars and Restaurants With Great Patios [PHOTOS]

If you're looking for a great patio to chill on this summer, we know all the best spots.

By Riverfront Times Staff

(2709 Cherokee Street, 314-354-8180)
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New St. Louis Area Restaurants to Check Out This Summer [PHOTOS]

The weather is starting to heat up, and the restaurant opening are coming in hot. If you need plans on what to…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Pizza Champ
(2657 Lyle Avenue,
Read our food editor Cheryl Baehr's review here.
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St. Louis Suburban Restaurants to Check Out, According to Reddit [PHOTOS]

We've shown you some great spots in the 'burbs to check out, but it made us curious. What are we missing out…

By Jenna Jones

J's Pitaria
(91 Concord Plaza Shopping Center, 314-270-8005)
"I consider it the superior younger brother to Balkan Treat Box." — u/setfaceblastertostun
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Saucy Porka Offers a Thrilling Blend of Culinary Traditions [PHOTOS]

The Asian Caribbean–inspired restaurant seamlessly fuses seemingly disparate cuisines into something that seems less like a mix-up of the two and more…

By Jaime Lees

Mexi Pho with pork carnitas in a pho broth with Chinese noodles, topped with bean sprouts, fresh basil, cilantro, jalapeños and scallions.
14 slides

Bowood by Niche Sets the Standard for Daytime Dining [PHOTOS]

The menu at Bowood by Niche is filled with approachable breakfast and lunch dishes that appear simple but are made with love.…

By Jaime Lees

Cacio e pepe eggs scrambled with pecorino and black pepper and served with semolina toast and arugula salad.
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Basil India Serves Masterfully-Executed Indian, Indo-Chinese and Thai Fare [PHOTOS]

Some of the best dishes in St. Louis can be found at Basil India where Chef Madan Chhetri is a wizard in…

By Jaime Lees

Chicken tikka masala made up of chicken simmered in a rich flavorful Indian sauce.
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Suburban St. Louis Area Restaurants to Check Out [PHOTOS]

People say that the city reigns supreme when it comes to dining, but there are plenty of gems in suburbia. In that…

By Jenna Jones

Twisted Tree
(10701 Watson Road, Sunset Hills; 314-394-3366)
Read more here.
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Commonwealth Provides Classic Fine Dining Done Right [PHOTOS]

At Commonwealth, Chef Scottie Corrigan — together with his sous chef Sierra Eaves — offer flawless dishes. They've doubled down on classic…

By Jaime Lees

Commonwealth features dishes such as cast iron scallops with anise scented carrot puree, braised leek, mushroom, lardon, and charred lemon beurre blanc.
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Silver Pancake House Offers Simply Delicious Breakfast Fare [PHOTOS]

Silver Pancake House offers classic breakfast options that are prepared with the attention to detail that you'd find at an upscale restaurant.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Garden omelet and french toast with blueberries.
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Chicken Scratch Crafts Food So Good That It Will Make You Lose Your Mind [PHOTOS]

Chicken Scratch holds in its space at the City Foundry Hall some glorious birds to bite into. Succulent rotisserie chickens, a crispy…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Crispy chicken sandwich with chicken breast, dill pickles and lettuce
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St. Louis' Tempus Pays Attention to Every Detail [PHOTOS]

If you want fine-dining quality food that isn't intimidating, drop into Tempus in the Grove. Chef Ben Grupe's new spot, Tempus will…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Croquettas with country ham, olives and sherry vinaigrette.
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St. Louis Fish Fry Feasts to Try in 2022 [PHOTOS]

Fish fry season has begun and St. Louisans are stoked. Fish fries are more than just occasions that mark Lent; they’re a…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The One with History
    St. Ferdinand Catholic Church
    (1765 Charbonier Road, Florissant; 314-837-3165)
    St. Ferdinand committed to fryin' up fish in 1954 and hasn't stopped since. The fish fry turns the dial up for Lent but offers other feasts year round.
    OTHER INFO: Prices range from $1.25 for shrimp to $16.10 per pound. Sides, desserts, cod, fried or baked fish all available. Carry out only. Every Friday: Has normal hours, Lent hours and Good Friday hours.
    Find out more here.
    Photo credit: @jeffreyww / Flickr
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The Wandering Sidecar Delivers Cocktails Without Bar Hassle [PHOTOS]

Going to the bar is so annoying and expensive. But you can skip all of that and have Wandering Sidecar deliver cocktails…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The Wandering Sidecar Delivers Cocktails Without Bar Hassle [PHOTOS]
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CC's Vegan Spot in Princeton Heights Will Blow Your Mind [PHOTOS]

Did you know that vegan food could look this good? Well, we have a secret to tell you: It tastes even better.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Double Trouble burger with Unbeetable beet and Brinjal patties topped with SpiciLee sauce, Raislaw, field greens, tomatoes, pickles, sautéed mushrooms and diced onions.
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Chicken Seven Serves Dazzling Fried Chicken and Korean Street Food [PHOTOS]

From fried chicken to tteokbokki to Korean corn dogs (the offspring of a massive mozzarella stick and a cinnamon sugar doughnut), Chicken…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Cheese is life.
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The Best Burgers in the St. Louis Area Ranked, According to Yelp [PHOTOS]

Itching to bite into a nice, juicy burger but don’t have any idea where? Luckily, Yelpers have your back. For the burger…

By Riverfront Times Staff

#44: Big Sky Cafe
    (47 South Old Orchard Avenue, Webster Groves; 314-962-5757)
    Read more from Cheryl Baehr here.
    Read what Yelpers have to say here.
    Photo credit: Jason P. via Yelp
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Everybody Loved the 'United We Brunch' Event at The Factory [PHOTOS]

Riverfront Times' 7th Annual 'United We Brunch' event was a smashing success! The "Brunch on the Ranch"-themed party brought out all of…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Everybody Loved the 'United We Brunch' Event at The Factory [PHOTOS]
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Visit St. Louis Kolache For the Perfect On-the-Go Meal [PHOTOS]

This St. Louis favorite serves up both sweet and savory pockets of perfection. Read Cheryl Baehr's review: "St. Louis Kolache's Czech Comfort…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Sweets include s'mores, blueberry and apple pie toppings.
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Alibi Cookies Come From the Vending Machine of Your Dreams [PHOTOS]

The "Cookie Bot" vending machine just wants to give you delicious warm cookies. Maybe the robots of the future aren't so scary…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Alibi Cookies offers two ways to get its signature warm cookies: via CookieBot -- a warm cookie vending machine -- or inside its brick-and-mortar storefront.
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Schnucks Stores in the St. Louis Area, Ranked

There are many Schnucks grocery store locations in the St. Louis area. Some of them are great and some of them are,…

By Riverfront Times Staff

    Schnucks Harvester Square
    60 Harvester Square
    St. Charles, MO 63303
    Don't let the busted "H" in the Schnucks sign fool you, this is the golden Schnucks of St. Charles. Perhaps a hidden gem, this Schnucks is tucked into a corner of a badass strip mall: A Dollar General, GreatClips, thrift store and more will handle a weekend's worth of errands in one trip. This Schnucks is smaller than others on the list, but the phrase "tiny but mighty" comes to mind. Well-stocked and quiet, you can find what you're looking for with ease and don't have to worry about running into the college kids that frequent the First Capitol Schnucks. It does lack some of the perks the other stores possess, but a CVS pharmacy and full grocery will satisfy those who prefer a no-frills grocery experience.
    Photo credit: Riverfront Times
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The Best Breweries in the St. Louis Area, According to Yelp [PHOTOS]

Face it, we all know St. Louis loves to drink. It's what makes us, well, us. That and a bunch of other…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Alpha Brewing Company
    (4310 Fyler Avenue, 314-621-2337)
    Photo credit: Caillin Murray
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Sides of Seoul's Loyal Following Can't Get Enough of Their Korean Food [PHOTOS]

Sides of Seoul serves full menu of Korean dishes, ranging from kimchi to tteokbokki and everything in between. Read Cheryl Baehr's review…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Kimchi jjigae, or fermented kimchi soup with pork and tofu, topped with scallions.
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UKraft Offers St. Louisans a Healthier Alternative to Fast Food [PHOTOS]

Ukraft caters to a wide variety of dietary needs and focuses on serving people who are working in offices. Read Cheryl Baehr's…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Honey apple salad with antibiotic-free chicken, apples, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, cucumbers, almonds, granola and honey-apple vinaigrette.
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Timothy's the Restaurant Provides Top-Notch Elegance [PHOTOS]

The dimly lit dining spot is everything you want and more. Read Cheryl Baehr's review here: "Timothy's the Restaurant Is a Love…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Scallops with smoked paprika, edamame smash, saffron corn broth and grilled corn.
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Padrino's on South Grand Serves Pure Tex-Mex Joy [PHOTOS]

For jaw-droppingly massive burritos and margaritas that hit the spot, check out Padrino's in the former Mangia space on South Grand. Read…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Birria tacos.
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Nobody Grills Meat Like St. Louis' Asador Del Sur [PHOTOS]

From bone-in ribeye to grilled prawns to tender boneless chicken thighs, Asador Del Sur is the place to go for juicy, grilled…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Bone-in ribeye with asparagus.
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Where to Get The Best BBQ In The St. Louis Area, According to Yelp [PHOTOS]

Listen, St. Louis knows its way around a grill, and it also knows how to produce the best BBQ known to man.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Navin’s BBQ
    (3559 Arsenal Street, 314-449-1185)
    “Everything we had was great! The pork belly burnt ends were a standout that we didn't plan to get. It is fun that they let you order meat by the 1/4 pound so that you can try it all.” - Tanner B.
    Photo credit: Phuong Bui
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