New St. Louis Area Restaurants to Check Out This Summer [PHOTOS]

The weather is starting to heat up, and the restaurant opening are coming in hot. If you need plans on what to…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Pizza Champ
(2657 Lyle Avenue,
Read our food editor Cheryl Baehr's review here.
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St. Louis Suburban Restaurants to Check Out, According to Reddit [PHOTOS]

We've shown you some great spots in the 'burbs to check out, but it made us curious. What are we missing out…

By Jenna Jones

J's Pitaria
(91 Concord Plaza Shopping Center, 314-270-8005)
"I consider it the superior younger brother to Balkan Treat Box." — u/setfaceblastertostun
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If Every St. Louis Neighborhood Was a Person at a Party, Here’s What They Would Be Doing

Reddit users have been been having fun on their individual state threads, posing a creative question: If every city in a certain…

By Riverfront Times Staff

St. Louis throws the party.
    She thinks it’s going to be a chill night since she only invited a few people. 
    Photo credit: Doyle Murphy
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Every Target Store in the St. Louis Area, Ranked

Everybody loves Target. But not all Targets are good Targets, unfortunately. One local Target location is so incredibly evil that is has…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Countdown: Number 5
    1042 South Kirkwood Road
    Kirkwood, MO 63122
    This Target opens an hour early (from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m.) for “vulnerable guests.” In these times, that means that the elderly, who are more likely to have serious issues from a COVID-19 infection, can shop more safely without having rude people cough on them. This location is set up a little bit weird and can feel a bit hectic at the checkout counters, but it’s always well stocked. Though it has a busy parking lot, it’s not at all like dealing with the Brentwood parking lot. It also has a T.J. Maxx right next door, so it’s the perfect Target for you if you’re a Target-head and a Maxxinista.
    Photo credit: screengrab via Google Maps
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St. Louis Area Halloween Events and Parties to Check Out This Weekend

With everyone at different comfort levels in the pandemic, Halloween plans are tough this year. If you want to stay in and…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Train or Treat at Union Station
     1820 Market Street 
    Union Station closes out their Train or Treat events this weekend.
    Find out more here.
    Photo credit: St. Louis Union Station
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20 Dog-Friendly Places in St. Louis to Take Your Fur Friends

One thing about St. Louisans, they love their pets (sometimes more than humans). They love their fur friends so much that St.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Lafayette Park
    (2023 Lafayette Avenue, 314-772-5724)
    Photo credit: Riverfront Times / @riverfronttimes on Instagram
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20 Tasty Cocktails and Drinks in St. Louis

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    (4659 Lindell Boulevard, 314-499-1509)
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Rec Hall St. Louis: Where Adults Go to Play (and Drink)

Rec Hall St. Louis is a 21+ interactive game bar located in St. Charles. A place where you can unleash your inner…

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This Illinois Version of Paisley Park Has a Purple Velvet Bedroom 4 U [PHOTOS]

If you’ve always dreamed of living at Paisley Park, this is the place for you. This house out in the Illinois suburbs…

By Riverfront Times Staff

This Illinois Version of Paisley Park Has a Purple Velvet Bedroom 4 U [PHOTOS]
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